Zach is pretty awesome right now.

He walks all the time. He can push the popcorn popper, step over the gate ledge, over & around toys, you name it. He has wonderful balance & strength. He’s much more comfortable showing off all his moves at home & at daycare. I tried to have him walk to a friend then me at the mall & he was like WTH!? {Not a bad thing that he didn’t want to run off IMO!}

Zach *loves* books. He has & knows his favorites. And recently he’s choosing J to read them over me. Which is fine with me. It’s so cute to watch him grab the book he wants, walk over to Jason, give it to him & then crawl up in his lap. I just swoon!

Zach 14 months

Zachy was way more into reading the owl book in his hands in the chair than posing for me. Hence the rarely seen ‘serious Zach’ looks.

Zach currently wears 9 or 9-12 month clothes. In his 14 mo photos, he’s wearing a Carter’s romper {is that the boy & girl term?}. I think he’s long-waisted enough that he’ll be growing out of it pretty soon. He’s transitioning to some 12 mo pjs for that same reason. He’s in size 3 disposable diapers when not in cloth. As of the 24th, I put him in size 4 shoes!

While we’ve been at the doctor for Lucy, we were able to throw gently place Zach on the scale too. Monday week ago, he was 19lbs 2 oz. Yep, up 3 lbs since their 12 month appointment! Finally getting some bulk! 😛

Eating is a fun but messy experience with Zach. He likes to feed himself more so than letting me do it. Perfect for while I’m trying to eat too if he’s eating fruit bites, goldfish, cut up meats, pizza, veggies, potato etc. Not so laundry convienent if were having spaghetti or a casserole. Which is why those meals quickly have also been scheduled on bath nights!

Zach has fun in the bath {speaking of}. He loves to play & splash. I’ve been bathing them together some in a red tub, but I think he likes having the duck tub to himself {& we both like the one-on-one time}.

Zach has a sippy cup after daycare around 530, dinner between 6-630 & another 5oz sippy before bed around 8. See why he’s packing on the pounds?! His night time sippys are now a 5 oz mix of breast milk, formula & whole milk/carnation instant breakfast. So far, the most whole milk mix we’ve done is 2oz but I’m slowly increasing that amount.

Zach’s been cutting molars this month. While we were at the ped 7/9, our Dr felt a top & bottom tooth bud. He was fussy a couple of nights but has since settled back into a normal routine of mixing it up between sleeping through the night & waking once to nurse back to sleep {yes I still do that for convenience & extra calories}. He’s not a fan of opening his mouth wide enough for me to feel, so I’m not sure if any molars have cut through but I’m guessing so based on his temperament.

Can’t wait to see what this next month has in store for us! New words {right now we hear BA a lot but unsure if that’s ball, bottle or book}? New teeth? New moves?