Our Zach. He’s Mommy’s boy for sure. He likes others: his daycare ladies, his Daddy, his Pops & Cici. But if he’s the least bit tired, hungry, or sees me while being held by someone else, he’s arms out whining until I scoop his lil booty up.

Zach sleeps pretty well. He continues to take two naps at daycare. And he usually sleeps from 830-7a getting up once or twice a night for nursing & snuggling. His favorite is to sleep on us on the couch or cuddling with me in bed 4a on, but we try to not have that happen much.

And speaking of little booty, I weighed him on his month day & he was exactly 14 pounds. I’ve transitioned him to size 2 in his Huggies naturals & he’s a size two in the honest co disposables we’re trying too.

He still fits girth size in 3 month clothes, but one piece outfits look like capris. I’ve been retiring them to pass down. And I’ve been putting him in 3-6 mo & introducing 6 more clothes. Our stash of hand-me-downs has dwindled, but I found some Carter’s deals I’m looking forward to him wearing.

7 mo old Zach {the Santa suit edition}

7 mo old Zach {the Santa suit edition}

Zach recently had his first high fever & doses of baby Tylenol. I’m pretty sure he had hand foot mouth only in his month. It occurred just days after his sister’s bout of it & just a day after getting his first two bottom teeth! The left front bottom popped out the Sat after I saw the right tooth Fri afternoon. It was quite a busy few days.

Zach is all but sitting unassisted. He gets into crawling position but hasn’t made any moves yet. Zachy discovered his feet within the last couple weeks but still likes eating his fingers best. He loves reading books, the birdy on the exersauser, & of course, his monkey wubba.

He loves reaching for our food. I can no longer eat while he nurses. He’s still nursing well {besides the days he had a fever}. We’ve upped his bottles to 5 oz of fortified breast milk after his daycare teachers saying he still seemed hungry after 4.5 oz.¬†Over the last week, we stopped the zantac reflux medicine & haven’t noticed him having reflux issues.

We started solids right after Thanksgiving. First rice cereal {not a fan}, then when Mom was down a couple weekends later, I made avocado, sweet potato & banana baby food in the baby bullet. Zach loves avocado! He’s okay about the other two. I have plans to try him with organic purchased pouches & jar food over the Christmas holiday.

Happy 7 months my littlest buddy! {Will add photos soon}