I’m still kinda in shock that I’m writing TEN month posts. Double digits. It’s wild. As I’m typing this evening, Z {& L too} are taking great evening car-seat naps. They’ve started dropping those. But I think at the end of the week, they’re tired. So they’re napping; I’m furiously writing. {Written Fri. They woke up soon after.}

Zach is pretty awesome these days {minus the biting}. But even with it, I understand he’s just learning & exploring the fact that he has SIX teeth in his tiny mouth! His two bottom ones are very easy to see in his open mouth smiles. It takes opening & lifting his top lip to see the four up there. It’s very cool.

I’m not sure if it’s the teeth. Or peer pressure from the rest of his classmates {& sister} eating. Or just being old enough that food tastes good to him. But he now eats fabulously at daycare. And well here 75% of the time. Zach always does great with finger foods & puffs, graham crackers, etc. He’s began to open his mouth for me to give him solids too. He likes yogurt & fruits as well as veggies & potatoes & beans too. We did chicken one night & he liked those bites. I need to start doing more meats as well as pureeing our food.

Zach’s doing great taking fortified bottles {1 tsp of enfacare formula in 6 oz of my milk}. He gets 3/day at daycare & 1-2 more before bed at home. He nurses with me overnight & first thing in the morning. On weekends, he’ll nurse overnight, all day then get 2 bottles in late afternoon & evening.

Between the bottles & food, I really think he’s put on weight in the last month. At his appt tomorrow morning, I’m hoping for over 16 lbs. I think he might be there based on how 6 mo clothes are now fitting & the 3-6 mo ones he’s worn since Nov no longer fit. He’s also leaking a little with size 2 disposable diapers. And the small cloth diapers are looking silly on him.

Zach Ten Months

Capturing a ten month old sitting still is near impossible!

Wubbas are still his bffs {he now has a monkey, giraffe & a tiger}. We also have a red crinkly block that he’ll throw/push/play with crawling around the room. He’s recently a big fan of putting socks or bibs in his mouth & crawling around with them too. Its hilarious.

Zach pulls up & cruises all along the coffee table & couch {especially in search of me}. But he’s not standing solo or walking yet. But that’s coming very soon.

Zach falls asleep between 730-830p {usually after a bottle snuggling with his Dada on the couch on a pillow}. He sleeps well in his crib on all fours with his booty in the air typically until between 1 &3a. He’ll nurse quickly & fall asleep. But he’s a big fan of co-sleeping with us for the rest of the night. Thankfully he hasn’t had any more accidents. We usually have to wake him up around 730a to get going on weekdays & he might sleep til 830a on weekends.

I’m so blessed with late sleepers. I still swear that 530a is the middle of the night. Hell, so is 630a for us!

Happy 10 months {a few days later} Poo! {Yes, Zachy Poo’s been shortened to just Poo. & he’ll look up when you say it. :)}

PS- this weekend we discovered Zach can wave & clap!!