Oh Zachy-poo. I thank God for this easy going little guy. He’s content just about anywhere you put him: boppy, rocknplay, bouncy seat, swing, playmat, our arms or just a blanket on the floor. I brought out his tiger wubbanub last week & he has a new love. He cuddles it even if the paci falls out while he’s sleeping.

And speaking of sleeping, he’s cool there too. Happy on us. Good on rocknplay. Likes the packnplay if Lucy’s not in it. And he does well in his crib too- slept their Sun night for 5 hours. He still doesn’t sleep the 7 hour stretches that Lucy will {he usually wakes every 3-4 hours still}, but he did give us 12-6 Mon so maybe its coming soon.

{taken one day late 8/22}

Eating is currently our hard spot with lil Z. He’s hungry & that’s when he’s the most vocal, but he also has silent reflux & some lack-of-poo tummy issues. So every feeding is a toss up. Some days, he’s a breastfeeding champ. He actually does better nipple shieldless than his sister. Other feedings though, he’ll just scream at the boob, but take his reflux meds sneaked in 1oz breastmilk bottle fine. After trying to get out burps with pats, bouncing, walks, if he’s still screaming, I’ll have husband or MIL give him a breastmilk bottle. That’s happened more than I like recently, but I reassure myself knowing he’s getting my milk either way.

But the boy is growing! While still hovering around or a little below the 1 percentile, he’s more than doubled his birth weight & I think around 10-11 lbs now. Zach can fit into some NB clothes still but the pants/sleeves are getting short. The onesie above is the same one Lucy wore in her 3 month photo for comparison. To give him footie room, his sleepers are 0-3 months. He’s still fitting in the extra small & NB cloth diaper covers. But we have him using huggies naturals in size 1 over nights.