Twelve months means that I’ve known you on the outside my littlest buddy for 365 days – a whole year!

As I watch you right now on the video monitor as you put yourself to sleep in your crib {such an awesome thing you’ve started doing recently}, I can’t help but think how much you’ve grown!

You were the tiniest peanut, surprising us with only being 4lbs 2oz last May 21st. Tuesday, buddy, you reach Mommy’s much sought after milestone for you. At 16lb 9.5oz, you’re officially on the WHO growth chart for boys your age for the first time. It’s the one percentile but still! I was & am elated! You’re in the first percentile for height too at 27.5 inches. You’re the prefect size for you!

This week, you’ve let me know you wanna start wearing 9 mo Carter’s clothes as the 6 mo overalls I put on you this morning wouldn’t come close to buttoning when you stretched! Good thing Cici & I have racked up consignment sales & stores for cute summer things for you! Lots of monkeys & stripes!

You’re the best eater! You love food & aren’t picky there. Fruits {but not pineapple}, veggies, grains especially waffles, happy baby beef stew, munchkin meatballs & yogurt are just a few of your favorites. Daycare says you’ll eat anything they give you there too.

You drink 3 6 oz mixed formula/breast milk bottles at daycare. It took you a bit longer than sister to warm up to the mixing but you like it now. Actually, you’ve gotten so used to bottles in the evenings that you’ve been a little unsure of nursing with me before bed this week with Sister being sick. {You remember what to do though overnight & in the mornings.}

You’ve moved up to size 3 disposable diapers too after peeing out the top of size 2s multiple nights in a row. That happens when you sleep through the night 16 nights in a row! You had Mommy pretty spoiled for a while there only getting up once with your sister.

You love that sister of yours {especially her curly hair} but you don’t love how she always wants to play & touch you. You’re learning to push back & steal back your toys which both makes Mommy & Daddy laugh & let’s us peek at our future.

You shocked me in the best possible way by saying mama mama Mother’s Day afternoon. You continue to say & call me Mama. Dada is another faithful word in your vocabulary & we think you might be saying bye bye while waving sometimes? You discovered clicking your tongue & making la sounds. We’re trying to see if you’ll say Lucy or Lulu next.

You have & can stand unassisted, but it makes you nervous. Standing is a bug deal & if you’re busy with your hands full of toys or puffs, you’ll do bit without realizing it. You really want to stand alone from sitting & have lunged from the coffee table to me taking a step in the process. Walking/pushing toys are your favorites along with books & your ever present wubbas right now.

We can’t wait to see what this month will bring to you my toddler boy! Happy {belated} first birthday!

{Photo taken & will be to come.}