Zach, my little guy, is getting not so little. I’d guess he’s more than doubled his 4lb2oz birth weight. I’m looking forward to seeing if he’s jumped up to more than the 1% for weight, height & head at our doctor’s appointment this week.

Zach is now firmly in newborn clothes. He grew out of the preemie clothes length-wise a couple of weeks ago, but now he’s filling out the feet & tummy of the newborn sleepers.

After their one month appointment {at six weeks}, when we learned he was 7lbs, we switched him from the too small preemie disposable diapers into newborn ones {Huggies & Pampers are our favorites}. I also started him with cloth diapers that day. His first cloth was a size one Applecheeks but most days he uses the fitted Kissaluvs with x-small covers.

From the beginning, the NICU nurses were commenting on how strong he was & that hasn’t changed. His head/neck control is getting so good. He also likes to practice standing up. He follows us with his eyes & will sometimes turn his head to follow us. He loves to cuddle & falls asleep on us most of the time & definitely naps best on our arms, chests or laps. Boppy pillows work well for him to hang out or take a lil nap in. He tolerates the swing & likes the play mat pretty well.

He had tons of blond hair on his head & all over his shoulders, arms & back when he was born. We’ve noticed that the body hair is almost gone & he’s now sporting more of a old man mullet {bald on top & thin in the back}. Zach now has a wee double chin & the fabulous arm rolls we’ve been working hard getting him to make.

We {& our pediatrician} diagnosed him with silent reflux a couple weeks after a week of him screaming through feedings & whenever he was laying flat. Thanks to Zantac twice a day {hidden in 15ml of breast milk}, he seems to be feeling so much better. He still has occasional rough feedings but those are less frequent; I think due both to him getting bigger & the meds.