Zach’s Weight Check Update

We went Monday morning as a follow up from Zach’s 9 month pediatrician check up. If you’ll remember, that’s when our PA was nervous at how small Zach still was. We decided as a result of that appointment, for me to stop breastfeeding him in the evenings & give him fortified bottle{s} instead. We also talked about continuing to encourage solids.

I’m happy to say the appointment Monday morning went really well. Zach had gained a pound {he was 15 lbs 5.5 oz naked}. So yes, he’s still little. And yes, he’s still not on the WHO growth chart. But as I told the doctor, I can see in photos that his cheeks are puffier & he’s eating bottles & solids great.

His doctor felt like he showed enough improvement that we don’t have to go back until their 12 month appointment! Our plan is to stick with what we’re doing. Keep encouraging healthy high fat solids & doing fortified bottles at daycare & in the evenings. She also recommended added rice cereal/oatmeal into yogurt/fruit to up the calorie count just a little bit more.

She gave me samples of a new preemie formula to start using. Gerber Good Start {the preemie 22 cal version}. Anyone used it? Since I noted my frozen stash is dwindling & we might have to give part formula bottles at some point in the next couple months, she recommended the Good Start stating it was supposed to taste more like breast milk than Enfacare while still having all the preemie formula benefits. So we’ll start giving that a try when our current can is done.

Yay for our ‘{not so} lil guy beef up goal’ to be working! Here’s hoping he’s grown into the 9 month {16.5 lb+} summer outfits I got him at the consignment sale last Friday night by spring!


  1. My good friend swears by the Gerber Good Start line of formulas. They are a little pricier – but she says worth every penny!
    Caitlin MidAtlantic recently posted..PYHO: My Sleeping Babies

    • Suz says:

      I’m so thankful our ped gave us two big cans. We looked on Amazon & they’re $25 a can! All the more motivation to keep pumping!!

  2. LauraC says:

    You can also mix any type of formula to be 22cal (or 24cal) just by adjusting the powder/water ratio. That is handy to know in case your kids don’t like a particular formula. Here’s a chart that calculated it for you already:

    In our sleep deprivation, we mixed powdered formula the wrong way for about two months and it was 22 cal. The boys went from 25% to 75% on the weight charts. OOOPS!!!

    YAY for Zach gaining weight!!
    LauraC recently posted..38 years young

    • Suz says:

      As always, your comments rock. Thank you for that link! For now, we’re only using a tsp of formula to supplement {add calories etc} my breast milk. But as my supply hasn’t been enough for them both & our frozen stash is dwindling quickly, I might be referencing back to that chart before their big birthday in 7 weeks.

  3. Kristi says:

    We swore by Good Start. It is the best. You can get checks and coupons. Pricey but totally worth it! Both of our babies took well to it when we needed to supplement.

  4. lisa anne says:

    I would call them and sign up over the phone, and explain it is for a preemie. If you sign up on the site, you may receive coupons for the stage 2 formula and toddler foods due to the processing time. They usually send those coupons at 12 months and sometimes it takes several weeks to receive your enrollment package. My local stores allow you to use a check along with a manufacturers coupon so you can really knock out some savings.

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