My most recent BlogHer Book Club pick was Jeffrey Zaslow’s The Magic Room. I read the synopsis in my email & on the back of the book, & I thought I’d enjoy reading about Becker’s Bridal & the families & brides shopping there. That’s quite an understatement. I brought The Magic Room to work one day when I knew I’d be eating lunch alone. I cried just reading the introduction {like big crocodile tears} & had to close the book in fear of being “that girl” reading & crying alone.

I finished The Magic Room last night after reading while in the car with my parents Christmas Eve & while taking chill breaks this weekend. I loved it; I think non-fiction is a new favorite of mine. I loved how Jeffrey weaved individual brides’ stories along with the story of the Becker family. I loved how, just as he wanted, the love of daughters really shined through. If I’m ever in Michigan, I’ll have to make a stop in Fowler & see Shelley & maybe Alyssa at Becker’s. Any Michigan readers ever been there?!

I think The Magic Room is my favorite of the BlogHer Book Club books I’ve been sent to read. I’d recommend this to anyone who’s purchased a bridal gown, or to someone about to or dreaming about their wedding. I’d love for Dads to read it to see the bridal world & what makes that dress just so special from another Dad’s point of view.

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