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Red Gold Summer Grillin’ Burger Party

It’s no secret that I don’t eat beef or pork. And thus, I don’t cook it {I don’t really know how}.

It’s also no secret to those that know him that my husband is a huge burger fan.

So when we heard about Red Gold tomatoes Summer Grillin’ Party, we were both all in for this one! Red Gold kindly sent a few different kinds of their diced tomatoes as well as recipes for making awesome summer burgers.

I purchased ground turkey from our local HT & decided to try their Italian Turkey Burger first. Can’t tell you how much I appreciate a four ingredient recipe!
Red Gold turkey burger mix

I mixed meat, an egg, breadcrumbs & the diced tomatoes by hand then made them into 8 generously sized patties. We George Foreman grill partied & in less than 30 minutes, healthy, delicious burgers were on the table for all four of us.
Turkey burgers

It was the first time L & Z {who were both sick} tried burgers. They both likes them more than I thought! I was a huge fan & the burger connoisseur was impressed too! And yes, I overcooked the second batch because we were too busy eating & they were still good!

Next up to try? The Caribbean Chicken burgers this weekend!

Red Gold graciously sent me the tomatoes, recipes as well as two aprons. Local readers & friends, leave a comment if you’d like me to share the apron love with one of you!
Red Gold apron

{Lucy & Zach modeled one of the aprons as I was opening the package.}

Red Gold is also excited about their Facebook Summer Grillin’ contest. Be sure to check out their FB page & follow along with the #RGparty on instagram.

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