Stick Around

I’ve been going back & forth about how, when, what to say. But as per usual, I can’t hold back. I won’t.

First, I want to say thank you. Thank you for the months, years of support. There have been so many times that comments left on my TTC & infertility posts, tweets, emails & words said have kept me going through the roughest of our infertility roller coasters.

Husband & I decided last Saturday morning {like 730a before my brother’s wedding} that I should poas since AF hadn’t arrived & that way I’d know whether or not I should drink that night. I didn’t drink. A big blue plus sign popped up almost immediately on that e.p.t. test {which I didn’t photo or keep}! I ran & woke up Jason. In happy shock, we laid in bed for a minute just smiling. We decided we needed to share & soon, before the rest of the house woke up. Together, we walked into my parents’ bedroom & woke them up with our positive pee-stick news! Mom freaked, Dad was cautiously excited. We walked out of the room & my Nana immediately guessed, so we let them in on our secret too.

Monday morning, I went into my RE & had my blood drawn. Even though I thought I knew what the call would say, I sat at work on pins & needles. Even being crazy enough to take my cell with me in the bathroom & down to the lunch room, I still missed the 1p call saying that my progesterone level was off the chart & my beta at 15dpiui was 1017. I was shaking. I was leaving work early anyways to head to Charlotte/Gastonia for my great-aunt’s Tuesday morning funeral, so the last two hours I was there were a blur. I called Jason. He called his parents & sister. I called the RE over & over for clarification but kept getting voice mails. I told my friend Brooke at work. At 3, as I was sharing the news with my good buddy & awesome IF cheerleader Alethea, my RE office called me back. They felt my beta was high enough to not do a repeat beta. She said not to stress about possible multiples for now. I’m to continue my progesterone supps as well as my morning synthroid pill. Our first ultrasound is Nov 8th.

This is happening. My symptoms weren’t fake. I’m officially pregnant y’all!

I know it’s early {yesterday I was 5 weeks}. Things could go wrong. We still have so far to go until we’re holding that future baby of our dreams. But I’m thrilled ~ my body actually finally did what I’ve been wanting for so long. So even if there’s heartbreak, I’m focusing now on this overwhelming joy. Know that just as I’ve over-shared our 23 cycles of TTC, I’ll probably be over-sharing this pregnancy {but not yet on FB}. Y’all have been with me through TTC & I can’t thank you enough or put into words what your excitement over this announcement means to me.

I’m so sorry if this news hurts any of the brave women in my life still TTC. I’m still cheering for you & am there if you need anything. I hate that my news might pain your heart.