Trying To Conceive

TTC Two Months in

This is a TTC (as in Trying To Conceive) post. If you don’t wanna hear the TMI, stop reading now.

So I took off the BC patch in March. I traveled for work & visited family. We didn’t really pay attention to timing of things. When looking back on the calendar, I realized I got my period on day 28. So I was “normal”, but not pregnant. Not that we were really ready or expecting that in the first month.

Then we were in April. I started reading TCoYF & joined Fertility Friend. I started taking my temps every morning at 7am and charting them and my daily CM. Jason was out of town visiting family then sick. I was in a wedding & we had family in town. Jason also started his new job & continued to work his second night time job. In other words we were busy so although I was trying to figure out which were good baby making days, we didn’t really TRY. Looking at my chart, we think I O’d on day 13 and I ended my second off BC cycle on day 23. After cycle two, we’re a little wiser about my cycle & more ready to give baby making a real go.

Everything Else Trying To Conceive

Goals for 2010

I’m not calling them resolutions per say (because they tend to get broken too quickly), but goals I’d really like to have happen for 2010.

1-lose weight & get more fit. I’m going to try to increase my gym time & decrease portion sizes. I also have a sweet tooth that I need to control.

2- read 50 books in 2010. I made it to 43 in 2009 so I was close. Hopefully this year I’ll make it. 3 down, 47 to go! I’ll keep track on the sidebar again this year.

3- for Jason & I to be happy at our jobs/make more money/save more. I made the change last summer to Farm Bureau’s underwriting department and it has been an awesome change! I hope Jason can soon follow finding something he loves in IT. We also need to save more. I’ve been taking my lunch and cutting my random $50 Target runs, but we need to get stricter (see below).

4- get pregnant (how scary & yet exciting to type!). Mom don’t go getting a crib already (oh, wait she’s already done that! ha!). We’re trying to do #1 & #3 to get ready for us to try to begin this journey in late spring/summer for a 2011 baby. I’m not very good with secrets, so I’m sure this blog will be a great outlet for baby (or baby trying) updates.