Can you believe it’s been ten days since my water broke? I can & can’t. The days pass both quickly & slowly.

I’ve been so very blessed to have had a family member stay every night with me. Jason last Monday, Dad Tues-Thurs, Mom Fri & Sat, Jason Sun, my SIL Beth this Mon & Tues & my Nana came today to stay til Fri when Mom &/or Jason will stay through the weekend. Also friends & my aunt have stopped by to pepper the days with other fun faces.

The mornings are busy starting with 6am heartburn & thyroid medicines, 7am blood pressure/temp/finger tip oximeter checks, breakfast snack, 8amish doctors visiting, 9amish babies’ heartbeat & Suz contraction monitoring & then ordered breakfast. Things quiet down around 10 am & are pretty chill until 7 or 8 pm. That’s when shift change occurs which means meeting the new nursing staff, a new round of checks on me coupled with dinner, prime time TV & the nightly monitoring. I think some people must not like the babies heartbeat monitoring, but I love it. It super relaxes me to hear their hearts beating away. & I think it’s interesting that while I have felt few contractions, there are some showing up on the monitor.

I feel like the babes are growing good thanks to the fabulous room service-like meals here. We’re also watched over by wonderful, caring nurses & checked in on by kick ass high risk doctors like my MFM & his residents. I feel her pretty frequently here- kicks, punches, rolls, head butts to the ribs- she’s letting me know she’s happy. He’s more calm, at least from what I feel. But the doctors have assured me that he’s fine- just a mix of him being so low plus having little water accounts for his smaller activity levels.

I haven’t read as much as I thought I might. I’ve actually just finished two books (one of which I’m posting on tomorrow). I also finished Mothering Multiples which is a LLL book on breastfeeding multiples. I re-read through the multiples childbirth workbook from class too. Days pass quickly chatting with family & friends & nurses who’ve become friends, flipping through magazines, watching random TV (oh I do miss DVR) & the hospital movie channels too. Jason & I were entertained by clowns Friday & Mom & I were serenaded Glee-style by the university men’s acappella group Saturday afternoon. 🙂

Since there’s been no changes in the 10 days, my nurses & doctors feel pretty confident I’ll continue to stay pregnant until they induce me at 34 weeks. We’ll begin a few things Saturday night but my induction is technically scheduled for Sunday morning. I’ll try to do one last weekly update before hand!