Lucy is a bit of a changed girl post-tubes. Her occasional chatting is back to full time chatting. She has been saying Dada & Mama for a while. She’s recently thrown out uh ohh, tickle tickle, bye bye & good girl. I guess we tell her good girl a lot- it’s so cute to hear her say it back.

She princess waves all the time now- walking into daycare, leaving daycare, at stores, when were just walking down the hall.

Speaking of walking, she’s doing it maybe half the time. She seems more comfortable taking off some days more than others. She probably cruises upright to get place to place the most, but she’s rarely crawling these days. She can be sneaky- we think she’s in the den but she’s quietly cruising down the hall!

Lucy loves the water. After weeks of keeping bath time very short due to being afraid of getting extra water in her infected ears, she’s thrilled now if I give her lots of bath time to play & splash. She also likes this new kid-sized towel (we’ve well outgrown infant ones). I couldn’t resist taking a photo of my post bathing butterfly Tues night.

Lucy post-bath

That’s totally her personality too. As a healthy, happy girl, she loves to play ‘where’s Lucy’ & gives big belly laughs for thigh tickles from Mommy & belly raspberries by Daddy.

Lucy’s a fan of my cell phone, my borrowed pump, giving fierce hugs, snuggles, wrestling with Daddy & Brother, push toys, our stacking cups & books.

Lucy likes to study things. She watches us closely taking it all in. And making sure we’re watching her too!

I’m so happy to be able to call myself her Mommy. She’s such a sweet joy.

Our little big girl is still squeezing into 12 mo clothes with 18 mo coming very soon. I keep saying ‘let’s wear this just one more time’!

She’s continuing to try whatever we put in front of her but fruit is still her favorite. I’m excited to hear her weight at her 15 mo appt tomorrow. I’m guessing close to 24 lbs.

Happy 15 months baby girl! We have a fun filled month planned ahead if us! Can’t wait to experience it with you.