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Lucy: Fourteen Months

It seems like I was just writing the wild girl’s 13 month post {& re-reading it, so much still rings true for Lucy girl}! With vacation & post-vacation bad ear infection, these past few weeks have flown by.

Lucy 14 months

Lucy is quite the hilarious little girl these days. While she’s our baby, she’s looking more & more like a mini-kiddo with her long curly hair. I was right guessing a couple of weeks ago that Lucy was over 22 pounds; our recently doctor’s appointments for her ears {another round of antibiotics start today but no tubes yet} have confirmed she’s over that mark.

Lucy’s currently wearing 12 month clothes {including the sweet little Carter’s dress above}, but I’ve been stocking up on 18 month ones for late summer & fall. She still fits in her size 3 shoes as well as size 3 disposables for overnights.

Lucy continues to be a great eater {especially with fruit} & *loves* her time nursing with me.

We’re on a run of sleeping through the night in her crib which we are all big fans of. I’m afraid I might be jinxing myself just typing that out! Lucy does love her sleep when her ears &/or new teeth {I think she’s in the process of getting molars soon too} aren’t the cause for late nights or {very} early wake ups. Luckily, she will typically nurse back to sleep well & we can all get a little rest & cuddles in our king bed.

Lucy’s favorite toy is which ever one Zach currently is playing with. Seriously. Daycare says she keeps tabs on him & while he’s content to check out stuff on his own, she quickly is by his side. So cute but also the cause for some hair/clothes pulling & slapping. I’m really looking forward to the day they hug more than hit! {fellow multi-mommas, when is that?!}

Lucy is doing a lot of knee walking these days, but she’s not walking on her own yet. She laughs while holding our fingers & guiding us around the house. But when we try to take our hands away, she plops right back onto her knees to cruise or crawl. That’s okay with us. She’ll walk on her own time.

I think this next month could be a big one for Lucy too. She’s learned to high five & we’re working on her pointing to her belly button. I think with her ears on the mend, her balance might get better & she’ll be more confident to try steps on her own. She’s been quieter recently too. I’m looking forward to hearing new words from our happy girl!

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Just wanted to comment on what you said about Lucy plopping right down the second you take your hands away while “walking” around the house…R did the exact same thing! He also had some major ear issues. He ended up getting tubes, and literally the next day took off walking (this was all around 14 months). We asked the doctor if it was a coincidence, and he said probably not — the ear problems obviously affect equilibrium, and he said R probably just felt enough off-balance to not want to brave walking on his own.
I’m not commenting to tell you that Lucy should get tubes or should be walking or to be critical at all (because goodness knows kids are going to do these things when they are good and ready, and no sooner!) but just wanted to share a similar experience…

I’ve been wondering if her recent ear issues have been holding her back as I’ve heard similar stories to yours. We go back Aug 23rd for their 15 mo appt {if she’s not showing sick signs sooner}. I guess we’ll re-talk tubes if things are better. Thanks for your comment!

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