Shannon’s Chicken

I made an old Coggins family favorite (and a new Brown fam fav too) for dinner last night. We call it Shannon’s Chicken after the cousin of ours who introduced us to the recipe. Its super easy and quick and I usually keep most of the ingredients on hand.
1 10oz can of chicken (usually get breast meat only)
1 can of croissants
1 can of cream of chicken soup (usually get Healthy or 98% FF one) (last night I realized I was out of cream of chicken and used cream of mushroom & it was still really good)
8 oz sour cream (usually get either light or FF)
cheddar cheese (usually grab a couple of handfuls)
1- unroll the croissants & top with drained chicken then roll them up like you would a croissant
2- mix sour cream and soup in dish (I usually use 9 x 9 or 8 x 11 glass pan)
3- place the chicken croissants on top of the sour cream/soup mixture in the pan
4- cover with as much cheese as you’d like
5- bake per croissant directions (usually 15 mins on 375)
6- We think its best if served on top of rice. Enjoy!

Everything Else

First Post!

After reading so many fun blogs recently, I thought I would start my own. I wanted to be able to post favorite new recipes and keep track of the new books I’ve read too. 🙂