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Woolizes Dryer Balls

I’ve eyed Woolzies dryer balls online & again at my local cloth diaper store. But something always held me back. {Typically my hands are full & pockets pretty empty!}

Our dryer is older, & we’ve tested it to the limits with a year of cloth diapering plus the added laundry of 2 babies. {Hello, 2 loads a night!}

We stopped using a bounce bar or dryer sheets when I started washing tiny newborn clothes. I’ve noticed recently, it takes an extra cycle to get it all dry & we’re getting some static issues.

So I was thrilled at the chance to receive a set of 6 XL Woolzies balls.
Woolzies Dryer Balls

I added them first into a dryer full load of our clothes {while I had post-tubes recovering Lucy at home all day}. And boom, 1 dry cycle later, they were done.

In case that was a fluke, I did a small load of cloth diapers that night & was thrilled to find they were 99% dry in 1 cycle {1 insert stuck in a cover was damp}.

We’ve kept the Woolzies in the dryer continuously since then & I’m hooked. Anything that makes my life easier {& a dreaded task quicker} is a win in my book.

In case you’re wondering, you can hear the balls if you’re listening for them. But they don’t make a significant noise over normal dryer noises & certainly not enough to outweigh their benefits.

Woolzies provided 6 XL dryer balls for purposes of this review. But all thoughts/opinions/photos shared are honestly my own.

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Rock-a-bums Cloth Diapers

The latest & newest cloth diaper to join our rotation is a Rock-a-bums 5-n-1 diaper.

I think the black cover is pretty awesome. Very gender neutral which works for my duo. The two inserts that come with the diaper have a grey side. I love that they’re easy to spot/match with the cover when sorting diaper laundry.

Lucy Rockabums

The interior of the diaper & inserts are also really soft. Lucy & Zach must like that too because this one has suddenly become our most pooped in diaper. LOL! The grey color comes in handy here too as Lucy’s recent blueberry & black bean obsessions have led to some stains in our white interiored diapers.

Zach Rockabums

Rock-a-bums touts this diaper as being 5-n-1. So lots of options {all in one, all in two, pocket diaper, hybrid insert & shell cover}. So far, I’ve only used it as a pocket: snapping the insert in the diaper then tucking it in the pocket.

We’ve used the diaper for a few weeks with no problems: no red marks on their legs & no leaks. The snaps are easy to do & adjustable enough to fit all sizes of babies including my two fairly skinny ones.

As I’ve been mentioning lately, my busy toddlers are on the go. And even with all the moving &, as I said above, pooping, we haven’t had any accidents out the front, back or legs! Lucy was showing off a bit & made it hard to snap a non-blurry shot of her rocking the Rock-a-bums last Saturday. {Zach was in a ‘sposie last weekend due to needing high powered diaper rash medicine.}

I’d recommend Rock-a-bums to anyone in search of a good one-size cloth diaper. I haven’t seen them for sale in my local cloth diaper stores, but you can buy them online {I’d love a red one for fall football season!} as well as read more about the Rock-a-bums story too.

I was sent a Rockabums one size cloth diaper for purpose of this review. I was not otherwise compensated nor are my opinions shared above anything but my own.

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Great Cloth Diaper Change 2013

Happy Earth Day! I’ve had a busy few days & have a lot of posts to share this week. But since it’s Earth Day, I thought it was appropriate that I post this one first.

For the past two years, I’ve watched online as others participated in the Great Cloth Diaper Change. Creating & then beating the Guiness World record for most simutanious cloth diaper changes world wide.

When I got the email for the 2013 GCDC, I was excited that the day was plan free & I finally had babies to change! It’s a one-to-one baby adlt ratio for the official results, so the plan was for Jason & I both to go. But you know how plans go, our kitchen sink started leaking Thurs night. After going without a kitchen sink Friday, we realized that wasn’t going to work & Jason stayed home to fix the sink while I took L & Z with me to Sweetbottoms Baby Boutique for the GCDC. I dressed Lucyfor the day in her new Diapershops cloth diaper T & wished I’d won/bought one for Zach too!

Sweetbottoms has just opened a new location so they were celebrating the move as well as the GCDC Saturday with 10% off all purchases, music, ventors, door prizes & swag bags. We did the change itself in their old store then shopped & entered for prizes in the new one.

I was thrilled to hear my name called by my friend Beth & her infant twin boys when we arrived. Beth & I & our four babies took over a corner of the store. We were a sight between my crawlers & her car seats & trying to change four cloth diapers! It was very fun though.

Wrangling Zach & Lucy prechange; Beth & our two duos; the crowd at Sweetbottoms & Lucy up to no good on the couch modeling her Cloth Diaper tee.

We saw babies as young as 10 days old & toddlers in onesies & baby legs. There was lots of babywearing & breastfeeding too ~ all the crunchy mommas of Cary came out I supposed!

I’m looking forward to next year’s GCDC with my then toddlers!!

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Dear Diaper Sprayer

Lucy & Zach’s new found enjoyment of solids bought about something else new in our household: baby poo that runs the gamete from pb-like to adult-like poo. {Non-parents, sorry for the TMI. Parents, you’re nodding along right?}

Thankfully, I was fairly prepared for this change thanks to other cloth diapering Mommy friends suggesting a diaper sprayer. Lucy & Zach gave it to me for Christmas {how sweet, right?} & my Dad was able to easily install it in our guest bath.

So now, upon arriving home from daycare, I open our wetbags & see what type of presents Z & L gave for me through the day. If they’ve refused solids, it’s more breastmilk poo & can go straight in the washer. If they’ve loved their {insert fruit/veggie combo}, J & I will RPS to see who uses the BumGenius diaper sprayer.

Our sprayer is very easy to use, but it does take a little technique to avoid spraying poo water all over your bathroom. After getting my bathroom very clean a few times, I have the technique down & really appreciate the diaper sprayer. We keep a wet bag in the bathroom for easy transporting. It’s an extra step but hasn’t stopped us from continuing to use cloth diapers on Lucy & Zach during the day at daycare & over the weekends.

I’ve heard you can make your own diaper sprayer piecing together parts from your local hardware store. But life with two means I don’t have time for that! Especially since it was so easy to shop online & have it arrive with fluff mail!

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Spring Cloth Diapers {giveaway & Egg Hunt}

With the promises of warm weather coming in this weekend along with our time springing forward, I have all things spring on my brain! As Lucy & Zach are growing {yay!}, I’m finding I’m frequently turning to their one-sized cloth diapers & have recently been moving the snaps or straps over. I’m realizing how convient that aspect of OS cloth diapers is compared to having to repurchase new sized diapers. While I still have mad love for our sized AppleCheeks & itti bittis, here’s a few of my current one sized favorites. And bonus points for their spring colors!

We love our Kawaii diapers. They seemed a little big at first but have grown well with the babies. I love the bright yellow & spring green. And the price!! spring_budS

SoftBums are another daycare go to diaper. They have fun prints for spring including Shamrock Owls! Our daycare ladies & Zach & Lucy’s grands love the aplix vs snaps too. Shamrock_OwlsS

We just have one FuzziBunz diaper but it’s held up great from the very beginning. And the bright yellow or apple green are fun colors to peak out under any dress or onesie. fb-onesize-applegreen120

I just realized I’m a little obsessed with green diapers! Guess I’m ready for St Patrick’s day!

I’m still working on Easter outfits for Lucy & Zach. We’ll be at the beach & it’ll most likely be cooler.  But I’m thinking of being brave & bringing our pink, orange, blue & green Flip covers with both cloth & disposible insets for the weekend. flip-travel-pack-update

{All pictures from Kelly’s Closet who’s currently offering free shipping over $49 & a bonus code: they’re offering a free one sized cover with the code LUCKYCOVER for any purchase over $49.}


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