Zach: Fourteen Months

Zach is pretty awesome right now.

He walks all the time. He can push the popcorn popper, step over the gate ledge, over & around toys, you name it. He has wonderful balance & strength. He’s much more comfortable showing off all his moves at home & at daycare. I tried to have him walk to a friend then me at the mall & he was like WTH!? {Not a bad thing that he didn’t want to run off IMO!}

Zach *loves* books. He has & knows his favorites. And recently he’s choosing J to read them over me. Which is fine with me. It’s so cute to watch him grab the book he wants, walk over to Jason, give it to him & then crawl up in his lap. I just swoon!

Zach 14 months

Zachy was way more into reading the owl book in his hands in the chair than posing for me. Hence the rarely seen ‘serious Zach’ looks.

Zach currently wears 9 or 9-12 month clothes. In his 14 mo photos, he’s wearing a Carter’s romper {is that the boy & girl term?}. I think he’s long-waisted enough that he’ll be growing out of it pretty soon. He’s transitioning to some 12 mo pjs for that same reason. He’s in size 3 disposable diapers when not in cloth. As of the 24th, I put him in size 4 shoes!

While we’ve been at the doctor for Lucy, we were able to throw gently place Zach on the scale too. Monday week ago, he was 19lbs 2 oz. Yep, up 3 lbs since their 12 month appointment! Finally getting some bulk! 😛

Eating is a fun but messy experience with Zach. He likes to feed himself more so than letting me do it. Perfect for while I’m trying to eat too if he’s eating fruit bites, goldfish, cut up meats, pizza, veggies, potato etc. Not so laundry convienent if were having spaghetti or a casserole. Which is why those meals quickly have also been scheduled on bath nights!

Zach has fun in the bath {speaking of}. He loves to play & splash. I’ve been bathing them together some in a red tub, but I think he likes having the duck tub to himself {& we both like the one-on-one time}.

Zach has a sippy cup after daycare around 530, dinner between 6-630 & another 5oz sippy before bed around 8. See why he’s packing on the pounds?! His night time sippys are now a 5 oz mix of breast milk, formula & whole milk/carnation instant breakfast. So far, the most whole milk mix we’ve done is 2oz but I’m slowly increasing that amount.

Zach’s been cutting molars this month. While we were at the ped 7/9, our Dr felt a top & bottom tooth bud. He was fussy a couple of nights but has since settled back into a normal routine of mixing it up between sleeping through the night & waking once to nurse back to sleep {yes I still do that for convenience & extra calories}. He’s not a fan of opening his mouth wide enough for me to feel, so I’m not sure if any molars have cut through but I’m guessing so based on his temperament.

Can’t wait to see what this next month has in store for us! New words {right now we hear BA a lot but unsure if that’s ball, bottle or book}? New teeth? New moves?

Zach: Thirteen Months

Gah! Time is flying by. How’s it a week past his month day? Or 13 months since the arrival of my lil guy?!

Zach has flourish this last month! Verbally, socially, developmentally & in size!

Mama & Dada are the most hear words, but he says baba often too. Does it mean bye-bye? Bottle? His tongue wagging/thrusting cracks him {& us} up.

Socially, Zach’s begun to assert himself more with Lucy- pushing, hitting, smacking Sister. This has led to us separating them & taking away toys. And praying they’re sweeter to each other in public {aka daycare}.

He’s not quite as quick to smile these last few weeks. Because he’s serious about walking! Within the last month, Zach went from bravely cruising/throwing himself a step or two, to walking/running. I’d say within the last week, walking had become his main mode of transportation at home. Seeing this lil guy walking around is so cute. He chats & likes to have his hands full & out in front while traveling around the den. Falling doesn’t phase him; he’s learned to get up hands-free & keep going. We have tons of videos of him these days because it’s such a joy to see him learning & discovering to walk!

So last monthday update, I mentioned Zach was around 16.5 lbs. I weighed us last weekend dressed & he was 19.2 lbs. Yep, you read that right. Almost 3 lbs in a month. Growth spurt much?! Goodbye 6 mo clothes, see ya 6-9 clothes he maybe wore once, & really it’s not looking like all the 9 mo clothes I’ve been collecting will last long. Thankfully, I remembered I’d bought a lot of Jenny’s Toby’s 12 mo summer hand-me-downs so Zach won’t have to go naked later this summer. 😛

How’s he packed on the pounds? Loving table food. He eats everything we give him. Like an entire homemade waffle on weekend breakfasts {plus fruit}. We haven’t found much he’ll scoff at. Plus he’s nursing with me in the mornings, getting 3 breast milk/formula sippy cups at daycare & typically another 8oz split before/during/after dinner/bedtime.

Happy {mommy’s sorry for being belated} 13 months Zach!

Lucy: Thirteen Months

Oh Lucy girl has developed & shown off quite a personality this month. Always our serious baby, she was the outgoing one flirting & smiling at strangers at Costco two weekends ago.

She’s our wild child. Throwing herself into our basket of books. Speed crawling our of the den & down the hallway into their bedroom before you can turn your head. Shutting doors. Grabbing our cell phones or remotes when she knows she’s not supposed to have them & giving us the I’m-being-devious smirk.

She’s also ridiculously sweet. She loves to cuddle ~ her head fits right into our necks. She will pick up Zach’s wubbas & hold them out to him. Lucy get so excited to see him ~ sometimes a bit over-excited. She might’ve horse-collared his pjs last night in an attempt {we hope} to give him a from behind hug.

Lucy’s still our big girl. I weighed us on our scale & fully dressed she was just over 22 lbs. I’ve began retiring all her 9 mo clothes to daycare & consigning. 12 mo Carter’s & children’s place fit her well. We sadly had to put away these precious 9 mo ruffle Oshkosh skirts & a 6-12 mo baby Gap jean skirt last week. Oh & she’s moved up to the toddler area of Target clothes. {I’m still getting used to walking to that section!}

I’ve been online consignment & sale shopping for 18mo clothes for Lucy for the end of summer /fall. I think she’s tall enough that she’ll be in 18mo pjs before too long.

We put a variety of one sized cloth diapers on her for daycare {bless them for continuing to let us bring in cloth!}. At night & while we vacation, she wears size 3 disposables.

Speaking of sleep, Lucy still is a bit of a challenge some nights to get down & then typically wakes at least once. She requires a mix of nursing, cuddles, walking, bouncing, & nursing {again} to get her to sleep. So she’s usually up hanging out with me in the evenings.

Lucy *loves* blueberries. She loves all fruit {except grapefruit} but blueberries are her jam. She’ll eat them my the handsful {shoving them in as quick as possible into her cheeks with her right while holding one gingerly in her left}. It’s hilarious until we have to cut her off so she doesn’t turn into a berry!

She’s had pizza, fish, more veggies, turkey breast, chicken casserole & peanut butter sandwich for the first time at home. Daycare does breakfast & she’s had nutragrain bars, frosting-less poptarts & muffins as well as chicken nuggets, grilled cheese sandwich & turkey pepperoni at daycare. So far, she likes or at least tolerates everything we put in front of her.

But her most excited faces still appear when I snap on the brown brestfriend nursing pillow. She’s become quite the acrobat while nursing, but she’s happily drinking from me before & after daycare & all weekend. I think getting her to wean might be a challenge, but luckily for her, we’re not quite there yet.

Sorry this is a week late, but happy 13 months sweet Lucy girl!

Zach: Twelve Months

Twelve months means that I’ve known you on the outside my littlest buddy for 365 days – a whole year!

As I watch you right now on the video monitor as you put yourself to sleep in your crib {such an awesome thing you’ve started doing recently}, I can’t help but think how much you’ve grown!

You were the tiniest peanut, surprising us with only being 4lbs 2oz last May 21st. Tuesday, buddy, you reach Mommy’s much sought after milestone for you. At 16lb 9.5oz, you’re officially on the WHO growth chart for boys your age for the first time. It’s the one percentile but still! I was & am elated! You’re in the first percentile for height too at 27.5 inches. You’re the prefect size for you!

This week, you’ve let me know you wanna start wearing 9 mo Carter’s clothes as the 6 mo overalls I put on you this morning wouldn’t come close to buttoning when you stretched! Good thing Cici & I have racked up consignment sales & stores for cute summer things for you! Lots of monkeys & stripes!

You’re the best eater! You love food & aren’t picky there. Fruits {but not pineapple}, veggies, grains especially waffles, happy baby beef stew, munchkin meatballs & yogurt are just a few of your favorites. Daycare says you’ll eat anything they give you there too.

You drink 3 6 oz mixed formula/breast milk bottles at daycare. It took you a bit longer than sister to warm up to the mixing but you like it now. Actually, you’ve gotten so used to bottles in the evenings that you’ve been a little unsure of nursing with me before bed this week with Sister being sick. {You remember what to do though overnight & in the mornings.}

You’ve moved up to size 3 disposable diapers too after peeing out the top of size 2s multiple nights in a row. That happens when you sleep through the night 16 nights in a row! You had Mommy pretty spoiled for a while there only getting up once with your sister.

You love that sister of yours {especially her curly hair} but you don’t love how she always wants to play & touch you. You’re learning to push back & steal back your toys which both makes Mommy & Daddy laugh & let’s us peek at our future.

You shocked me in the best possible way by saying mama mama Mother’s Day afternoon. You continue to say & call me Mama. Dada is another faithful word in your vocabulary & we think you might be saying bye bye while waving sometimes? You discovered clicking your tongue & making la sounds. We’re trying to see if you’ll say Lucy or Lulu next.

You have & can stand unassisted, but it makes you nervous. Standing is a bug deal & if you’re busy with your hands full of toys or puffs, you’ll do bit without realizing it. You really want to stand alone from sitting & have lunged from the coffee table to me taking a step in the process. Walking/pushing toys are your favorites along with books & your ever present wubbas right now.

We can’t wait to see what this month will bring to you my toddler boy! Happy {belated} first birthday!

{Photo taken & will be to come.}

Lucy: Twelve Months

Twelve months. 52 weeks. 365 days. Lucy girl, you’re one year old! {Plus a day since it’s taken me a few days to write this post.}

Thanks to a stomach bug that hit you pretty hard, we spent the night before for birthday fairly similarly to how we were the previous year: on a hospital bed. This time you were wearing the {tiny, cute, but not so soft} gown as we were there due to mild dehydration. Thankfully you didn’t need an IV & were able to go home to Daddy & Zach after some Zofran & nursing with Mommy. We were all relieved you started your birthday {very early} am with a pee & more nursing. We are home together again for the third day thanks to more vom this morning as your Daddy was attempting to take you to daycare. But you’re keeping down your little bottles & I’m hopeful you’re on the mend as we have a big weekend ahead of us.

This past month has been so fun! Your long tongue has been put to work as you wiggle & wag it all around. You’ve learned to make fishy lips & to click your tongue & make funny noises by motor boating your lips & putting your finger over them. We think it’s just as funny as you do!

Your drooling is out of control! It’s a good thing Mommy & Cici have found cute teething bibs for you! You cut your 6th {top left} tooth this month. I didn’t even know it til one morning I saw it popped through!

Thanks to all the teeth, you’re an eating champ. You love all fruit- kiwi, strawberries, melon, pineapple, berry purees, applesauce & your favorite, bananas. You are more & more willing to try new things like deli turkey & ham & cheese, & you discovered Cici’s mashed cauliflower casserole & her four beans dish are delicious!

You’re getting 3 {on the best days} half breast milk/half formula bottles at daycare & the rest of the time you’re nursing still with Mommy. You *love* that {kicking your legs in excitement when you know what’s about to happen} & have been slightly jealous of Mommy nursing Brother & pumping in front of you while you’re getting little bottles the last few days.

I think you’ll keep us on our toes with your toddler meltdowns. We see silly glimpses of them when you take a tumble or don’t get to keep the toy your stole from Brother. For now, they make us smile & are fixed with a hug or a different toy.

Lucy, Mommy has been putting you in a few of her favorite 9 month clothes this past week before she packs them up for good. You’re 99% ready to be in all the cute summery 12 month clothes we’ve bought for you. I love your dresses & little bubble shorts & am glad you seem to too. Cici discovered some of Mommy’s dresses & brought them down for you. You’re going to {hopefully} love them. I can’t wait to see you in your swim suits at the beach this weekend!

At our 12 month appointment on your birthday you weighed 19 lbs 8 oz naked while you weighed 9.1 kg {just over 20 lbs} in too tight but clean lightweight pjs & a disposable diaper at the ER. I think before you got sick, you were around the 20 lb mark for sure. According to your doctor, you’re in the 50th percentile for weight, but at 28.5 inches tall just the 20th percentile for height. That surprised me a little as you seem pretty tall to me. Either way, we think you’re the perfect size.

You like people but you’re cautious. You hold back your awesome smiles until you’re sure about someone. This cracks me up in stores. You recognize & get so excited to see Mommy & Dada at the end of the day at daycare. You smile quick to Cici, Pops & aunt Sue when they come over & warm up to other family & friends pretty quick too. The joy across your face when you see your brother warms my heart every time.

You love your Dada & that’s still your favorite & most enunciated ‘word’. You throw mama mamas & blah blahs & gaga gagas together too but you haven’t yet called me by ‘name’.

Over the last month, you’ve gotten in a sleeping routine of going down around 9, waking up around 5 to nurse in bed with Mommy & will roll over & cuddle with us until we all get up around 7. You’ll sneak in a few 30 min cat naps as well as a two hour nap in the middle of the day.

You’re not walking or independently standing just yet. But you’re close cruising around. For now, you’ve discovered speed crawling will get you into everything the quickest & you’re sticking with that.

Happy {day late} birthday, sweet girl!

{Photo to come}