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My Brother’s Wedding

To keep up, I posted about Thursday’s pre-wedding celebration & then about Friday’s wedding events yesterday. Today’s the day {well a week ago today was}~my brother got married! So thrilled to welcome Beth as my sister-in-law!

I cut the photos from this day down to 56 favorites! Here’s the day in eight photo collages beginning in the bridal suite with hair, makeup, & lunch.

Getting Prettier!

Mom & I got dressed in the bridal suite, I helped Beth get her dress all tied up before heading over the the room my parents had rented for the guys to chill in. Ten men crammed in one spot & all lookin’ good in their tuxes.

Pretty Bride & Handsome Groomsmen

I can’t wait to see the photographers shots of the ceremony. It was short & sweet complete with laughter & a few tears.

On to the party! The cocktail hour was in the hall ways beside the ballrooms. I was too busy chatting, eating & drinking to take any photos then. Welcome to the reception ~ gorgeous flowers, pretty cake, great lighting, fun table groups of friends & new friends.

new Mr & Mrs, family table, toasts, cake, cousins, my plate

During dinner {I had chicken topped with crab meat}, Beth’s Dad, Lauren & my Dad gave heart-felt toasts.

First Dances

Soon after Beth & Steven opened up the dance floor with a so-appropriate-to-them Jerry Garcia song. Beth & her Dad danced next followed by my Mom & brother to a Beatles song. How cute did Beth’s niece & nephew look?!

Cake! and family dances

The cake wasn’t just pretty ~ it was tasty too! I tried a bit of my Dad’s banana chip slice & while randomly sitting just us, my brother & I shared a Neapolitan {strawberry, chocolate & white cake} slice.

Once the dancing got started it didn’t end until after 11p. I had the chance to dance with my Papa, brother & {once he got drunk enough} my husband!

Bouquet & Garter Tosses & Nana even made it onto the dance floor

So fun that they did both the bouquet & garter tosses. Our family friend Katie caught the flowers & Steven’s friend Ian had the garter fall into his hands.

TN Clogging & all smiles on the dance floor

Our good family friends originally from TN broke it down to Rocky Top! With waters all around, we ended the night with hugs & happy honeymoon to the new married couple!


Pre-Wedding Festivities {part 2}

Last Friday {the day before my brother’s wedding} was a wild & crazy day. Mom, Nana, my mom’s cousin Becky, my aunt Mimi & I were at Costco soon after it opened. I purchased snacks for Saturday in the bridal suite while Mom bought flowers to decorate the rehearsal dinner. Stocked up, we headed over to Old City Bar where after helping them unpack loads of flowers, borrowed vases, fall decor, & bows, I rushed off to join the other bridesmaids & Beth at Fusion nail salon. I chose OPI’s Suzi says Da for my nail & toe color & loved it so much that I bought a bottle of the polish. It’s this great dark color with hints of brown & burgundy ~ perfect for a fall wedding & this winter. Beth went with the traditional French manicure which I loved for the bride-to-be.

Gettin' our Nails Did

Her friends, other sister-in-law & I went for lunch across the street at New York Deli. My turkey/apple sandwich was amazing as was the conversation & laughter!

I love the funkiness of Carytown

I learned during the end of lunch that my Mom & the ladies helping her decorate had been rear ended. Everyone & everything {included all the Costco food!} was fine but the guy was going fast enough to push them into another car & that car into another one. I told you this was a wild day!

A quick change {I wore the other blue Boden dress}, piling into cars, & heading back downtown later, Mom, Dad, Jason, my cousin Preston & his wife Krissie & I were on our way to the rehearsal. Debra & Debbie at the Marriott definitely kept our large group in line as she told us where to stand, when to walk & where to look. The precious flower girl & ring barer {Beth’s niece & nephew} did a great job learning their parts too.

Rehearsing for the Big Day

From the hotel, we continued the celebration at the Old City Bar. Mom & her helpers had done an outstanding job with the decorations that perfectly fit into Beth’s fall wedding theme.

Old City Bar all decorated

Mom, Dad, Steven & Beth choose delicious appetizers {cheese, veggies & mango salsa’d shrimp}, salads, entrees {veggie pasta, apple glazed pork, & crispy fish} & banana pudding for dessert. Plus all the wine you & beer you could drink!

Cousins, the crowd, Emily, my grandparents, Papa & his brother, my brother's friends, Beth's "bridezilla moment" {not really}, & the boyfriends

Beth’s sweet high school friends stepped up & gave some of the best toasts I’d ever heard. Steven’s friends surprised us too with touching, heart-felt comments. I chickened out & just drank wine & was too busy tearing up to take photos of any of the toasts. Beth & Steven gave their bridal party great gifts~ a personalized cooler chair & pint glass for Jason & I got a red Suzanne tote full of Bath & Body Works goodies, flip flops, & a reusable coffee mug among other things.

Matt & Katie, Beth's cousin & her bf, the last single kiss, Lauren & Emily up to no good in the corner?!

As you’ve already seen in this week’s project 365 post, the party was a blast catching up with family, friends & meeting new friends. I loved that I caught their “last non-married kiss”! {I made them re-do it three times before I got the perfect shot~they didn’t mind!}

Tomorrow~ the wedding post!


Another Sunday, another Week in Photos

I just checked a calendar & this is week 41 of the year which means it’s also Project 365 week 41! And I took a picture every day. I’m pretty impressed I’ve kept this up y’all.

Day 281: Since I took over 150 photos, this football Saturday needs it’s own post which I plan to work on this afternoon. Here’s a preview with one of my favorite photos of the day.

Wolfpack in the House
Wolfpack in the House

Day 282: After sweating through my last pre-paid {through Living Social} Pure Barre class, I treated myself to some cinnamon & pumpkin fro-yo topped with pie crumbs, white chocolate chips & strawberries. Then those sweet carrots were part of my home cooked dinner.

Skinny Dip is my new favorite place.

Day 283: Monday I traveled back to Edenton, NC for another work week. This is hard-to-capture shots of my room {107 at the Granville Queen B&B}.

I need some PW room photog skills.

Day 284: We were delighted with a 3 course breakfast each morning. Tuesday started off right with fruit, heart-shaped waffles & then pallet-cleansing sorbet. {yes, I was spoiled & probably gained a few pounds}

I only had breakfast dessert 2 mornings. This was one of them.

Day 285: Since I’d forgotten to take a photo of the fruit plate from Tuesday, here’s Wednesday’s fruit “appetizer”.

Fresh fruit & half a muffin as breakfast appetizer, don't mind it I do!

Day 286: Lunch was the pilgrim sandwich from the Downtown Cafe, I scarfed down April’s Peach Cobbler as a snack then enjoyed a lovely last night out in Edenton at Waterman’s {where I picked up these Ts as souvenirs}.

Loved the no chain restaurant part of Edenton

Day 287: I snapped these photos of the Granville Queen early Friday morning as I was putting my luggage in the car.

Historic Granville Queen Inn

How was your week?


Project 365 Weekly Update

Thirty five weeks into my attempt to take a photo every day. I succeeded in doing so this week!

Day 246: First NCSU tailgating & game of the season. Also the first win!

Day 247: I arrived at OIB early Sunday. This was my view coming over the bridge.

Day 248: Another beach day. Soaking in the last rays of the summer.

Day 249: Tuesday morning I had an new cycle baseline ultrasound appointment as well as my super tightly closed cervix dilated to prepare it for an IUI. It was painful; I squealed & cried. Due to an ovarian cyst, I got the news too that we’re benched from medial help TTC this cycle. I laid around in the fetal position all day but did take this picture of Moe. I guess my guest room bed cover matches my green monster IF post.

Day 250: Only photo I took Wednesday was of Slow Love.

Day 251: After book club, I ran to Fresh. I got Jason a hot dog combo & me banana pudding ice cream.

Then I walked into the den from making Apple Cake to find Moe like this.

Day 252: We drove up to VA Friday night. Mom was finishing the glaze when we arrived. Here’s the apple cake right before we pounced into it.

How was your week?


Week Night Fun

Monday night I met some friends for drinks & dinner at a local restaurant. We set outside as the sunset around us. We shared beers, laughter, pickle chips, salads & meaty sandwiches. Some claim my photos show their bitch face, but I see smiles too!
[flickr id=”5864811615″ thumbnail=”medium” overlay=”true” size=”medium” group=”” align=”center”]
[flickr id=”5864811743″ thumbnail=”medium” overlay=”true” size=”medium” group=”” align=”center”]

I had another round of photography class Wednesday night with Brandy & Dawn. Brandy provide many faces & poses as I practiced on manual mode. I also played with focus & metering while loving on Dawn & her bracelet & D7000.
[flickr id=”5864879513″ thumbnail=”medium” overlay=”true” size=”medium” group=”” align=”center”]
[flickr id=”5864879633″ thumbnail=”medium” overlay=”true” size=”medium” group=”” align=”center”]

So much fun at the beginning of the week means I’m laying low to end out the week.