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Lavender Worlds Best

Back at the end of May, Worlds Best Cat Litter sent me a bag of their new Lavender litter for Moe to try. I added some into his litter box once we got back from Memorial Day beach weekend & have continued to add it in after removing dirty litter for the last month.

[flickr id=”5899012119″ thumbnail=”medium” overlay=”true” size=”medium” group=”” align=”center”] {yes, I did just post of photo of my cat doing “my business”. He’s ok with it.}

Moe hasn’t minded the change one bit. I haven’t noticed any changes with him & his litter habits. Within the last week, I’ve noticed just how strong the lavender scent is as it had kind of taken over that end of the house. While I like the smell of lavender, I have now began to mix the lavender scent in with the multi-cat litter we love.

I have not yet been able to find the lavender litter in my local Target or Petco {my usual pet purchase spots}, but I do plan to continue to use it along with the WBCL multi-cat version.

While WBCL did awesomely send me Moe a bag of the new lavender litter, our opinions are all our own.

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Beano’s Sauces Review

A couple of weeks ago, I got in contact with Cara from Beano’s Brand on twitter then emails. She kindly let me pick out three of their sauces to try. Y’all I had a tough time choosing. Check out all they offer & see what you’d pick. I ended up getting Buffalo Sandwich Sauce, Southwest Sandwich Sauce & Original Submarine Dressing.

I plan to spice-up frozen chicken tenders, make Buffalo chicken sandwiches with the Buffalo sauce, or even using this Beano’s recipe for Buffalo Chicken Quesadillas. But I haven’t done any of those yet. I promise I’ll update with photos of those when we enjoy them.

The Southwest Sauce grabbed me first. We love spicy in our house {if you couldn’t already tell by other recipes I’ve posted & the Beano’s sauces I chose}. Although their website offers recipe suggestions, it was Sunday night & I was feeling spicy but lazy {anyone recognize that blue box in the background?}. So I chose to marinate our basic boneless skinless chicken breast in the Southwest sauce for around 30 minutes then top with a little more sauce before baking for 40 minutes. It was delicious! If we’d had leftovers {Jason was a member of the clean-plate club}, we both commented that leftover chicken would be great as a sandwich with a little more of the sauce.

The sweet & spicy flavor was great for chicken & I really want to trying the Beano’s recipe for Southwest Buffalo Chicken Salad Wrap.

Mondays are busy for me. I only have 45 minutes between work and my small group Bible study. This Monday I decided to through in Harris Teeter shopping trip {it was the next to last day of super doubles}. I really had no time to make dinner. Instead I purchased subs for us both, but chose to have them made pretty basic {meat, cheese, lettuce & tomato} so I could try out the Original Submarine Sauce. The sauce made the sandwich. Like from blah sub to holy-crap-this-is-awesome sub! The blurb online says in stays on your sub without soaking your bun. This was so true even after I’d loaded it up with the sauce. Don’t you love when a product is as good as they say?!

I ate half the sub Monday night then took the other half {& a small container of the sauce} with me to work for lunch Tuesday. My next grocery trip I plan to buy deli meats & bread so we can make our own yummy Beano’s’d up subs at home.

If these look yummy to you, check out their Facebook page. Or even better, find which stores near you sell Beano’s. I know I’ll keep an eye our next time I’m at Walmart, Food Lion or Lowes Food to pick up additional sauces. I’m hooked.

Beano’s Brand did supply us with the sauce but that did not sway my review. The way to this girl’s heart might be her stomach, but these opinions are honest & all mine.

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World’s Best Cat Litter?

I’ve been unhappy with the standard clay cat litter for a while now. We’ve kinda tried it all~ Arm & Hammer, Fresh Step, Petco’s brand, whatever Costco sells in huge tubs~ I like how well it clumps, but hate the smell & dust from it all. I am also the one who deals with the litter & don’t usually clean it but twice a week. I was on the look out for something new~ especially if I could get good deals on it at first.

I found a coupon a couple of weeks ago for pine shavings litter & bought it when Harris Teeter was doubling them. Showed it to hubby & he was less than impressed so I took it back.

I follow sue_stock on twitter and her blog mentioned getting World’s Best Cat Litter for free & then also listed a bunch of $3 & $4 off coupons. I talked to my brother who has multiple cats & he said they used something like this too. He & his girlfriend love that it’s FLUSHABLE! My first bag was free then got another one last week when they were on sale at Harris Teeter & I had a $3 coupon. I cleaned out Moe’s box & added the Litter last Wednesday. Its made of corn & I bought the clumping version. It looks like thicker clay litter but smells kinda like a cornfield. I was nervous at first because Moe didn’t seem to be a fan, but by Thursday he was using it and seemed ok with it.So far, I’m loving that it’s flushable. Makes it easy to just scoop out poop as I see it walking past that bathroom. I think it clumps almost as well as clay litter. There’s no dust, but Moe does track it a little when he jumps out of the box (he did that already though). I was going to take a photo to show yall~ but really who likes to see cat litter pics?!