Project 365 Week 52

Happy New Year all! Thanks for sticking with me as I journaled2011 {& my first year with a DSLR} with a photo {almost} every day. I don’t think I’ll do project 365 again for 2012 but I have enjoyed it.

Day 358: Saturday {Christmas Eve} Mom, Dad, my aunt & uncle & I stopped by to see Jenny & ETC & to pick up car seats, bases, strollers, a swing & clothes those trips had outgrown. Mom cried she was so overwhelmed by their generosity. Love them!

Mobile ETC!

Day 359: Mom & Dad’s fun tree {formal tree is in the living room} & my brother enjoying his first mimosa of the morning.

Merry Christmas

Day 360: When we arrived home Monday evening, we opened a gift from Jason’s crafty sister. Diapers & this creative arrangement of “flowers” aka baby spoons & washcloths!

Day 361: Tuesday was a chill day off from work & plans where Moe & I’s big activity was naps before cheering on the Pack in their bowl game win!

Day 362: Only photos I took Wednesday were of the books I’ve recently finished. I posted about The Magic Room last week & there’s a post to come about Listening is an Act of Love.

Last books finished in 2011

Day 363: Welcome to our home green scentsy warmer!

Day 364: Tim & Rhiannon got married Friday night! Here’s a few of my favorite photos of their wedding night.

{and an extra last day!} Day 365: Sober NYE at home made more festive with Trader Joe’s dips, grapes & sparkling pomegranate juice!

Project 365 Week 51

Another confession, after fifty-one weeks of taking photos {nearly} everyday, this {next to last} week, I sucked at project 365. I was stressed out with all that was going on at work & home getting ready to be gone for a long┬áChristmas weekend & taking photos was the last thing on my mind. I *think* I made up for it with photos Christmas weekend & since but that’s a new week & another post to come.

Day 351: Saturday night was BA’s Tacky Sweater Party. It deserves it’s own post, but since I’m running two weeks behind when it comes to blogging, here’s just a few of my favorites from that evening.

Tacky Sweater Party!

Day 352: After running to the mall to use a few gift cards that had been burning a hole in my pocket, Moe & I had a chill afternoon.

Days 353- 356: Mon-Thurs were days filled with work, wrapping & packing. I didn’t take a single photo. Not enough when we picked up two out of our three cribs Thursday night.

Day 357: Friday morning I rode down with my aunt & uncle to Charlotte. A Christmas weekend post should be to come. But here’s one photo from that Christmas Eve Eve day.

Papa’s tree

Project 365

Fifty weeks into project 365.

Day 344: Papa putting the finishing touches on his Christmas tree.

Merry Charlotte Christmas!

Day 345: Love these two photos of Sarah & Cheryl from our ABBA You Can Dance party.

They were feelin' the 70s tunes!

Day 346: We finally finished decorating our Christmas trees!

It looks like Christmas now at our house.

Day 347: My coworkers had birthday’d up my cube Monday morning. I broke down some of the decor Tuesday morning.

Pretty cube, right?

Day 348: Wednesday night was my Chi O alum cookie exchange. So much fun & look at the cookie loot I took home {& then to work}!

Janie grabbing cookies, sisters & new friends chatting, my loot, Uno {he's trying to be as big as Moe}, the drinks, Nicole & I, & the end of the party food counter.

Day 349: I arrived home after a {sober Suz} coworker happy hour & couldn’t not snap this photo of Moekitty in our doorway.

I love that Moe was looking up at the lights.

Day 350: After six {busy} photographed days in a row. I gloriously did nothing Friday night & didn’t take any photos.

Hope you had a great week!

project 365

We’ve made it to week 49!

Day 337: Saturday I had a fun movie girls get together. The only photos I took were for my week ten post.

Day 338: Blueberry banana pancakes! It was Sunday breakfast.

Yum. Yum. Yum.

Day 339: Monday we had our first MFM doctor’s appointment. Since I forgot to upload the ultrasound photos to that post, here they are. Our triplets at 10w2d.

Head shots of A&B, attempt at a group photo, & baby A.

Day 340: Not sure what we did Tuesday. I didn’t take a photo.

Day 341: My favorite part of Wednesday was lunch with my pretty friend Poe & her new baby!

So happy to get in some fresh baked baby cuddles!

Day 342: After days of planning to purchase a Christmas tree not working out, we were excited to find this buddy at Lowes. Moekitty was a tree/tree skirt fan.

Oh Christmas tree! Oh Kitty Christmas tree!

Day 343: Friday I packed for my weekend trip, set up a few decorations on tables, & Jason was putting lights on the tree. Sadly only one of our three light sets worked. Poor bare tree. No photo taken. {update, brought home lights from Papas & we just finished decorating it tonight!}

Project 365 Week 48

Forty-eight weeks into project 365. And honestly, I can’t wait for it to be over at this point. But here’s the photos I took last week.

Day 330: My father-in-law’s been feeding these ducks & geese since they were babies. They eat out of his hands. They freaked me out a lil being oh so close.

Not afraid of people geese

Day 331: Once we got home from our Thanksgiving weekend, I broke out the Christmas china for a bowl of cereal!

Lenox Holiday Gatherings

Day 332: No photo Monday.

Day 333: Getting some Moe cuddles Tuesday night on the couch.


Day 334: After struggling in heels & normal pants all day, I ran to the mall after work for flat boots & H&M maternity clothes. No photo.

Day 335: Went back to the mall for exchanges & Christmas shopping on my way to Suzanne’s Posy Market launch party at Epona & Oak. Here’s just a few of the cute owl items I drooled over & Moe & I in my new grey boots & H&M tunic once I got home.

Owls & matching Suz & Moe

Day 336: Friday I got home from work & Moe jumped up on me {before I’d even taken off my orange coat}. Three of his four paws where on my hand. Took this photo with my left hand.

Moekitty cuddles!

Hope you had a fabulous week.