Pre-Wedding Festivities {part 1}

Jason & I drove up to VA to begin the wedding weekend Thursday morning. After I quick lunch with Mom, Dad & the husband, Mom & I rushed off to Carytown’s Bombshell salon for a spray tan. Fifteen or so minutes later I was feeling sticky with the promise of tan within 4-8 hours. I could definitely see a difference that afternoon & definitely that night.

More family arrived & five of us {Papa, Nana, Mom, Jason & I} piled into my brother’s two-door Civic & made our way downtown to the Marriott. As part of their wedding package, my brother & sister-in-law had the presidental suite Thurs-Sat. It was fabulous & the location for Thursday night’s cocktail party hosted by Beth’s aunt, uncle & cousins. For those who remember by outfit dilemma post, I decided to wear the blues dizzy Boden dress that night. It was so fun to meet more of Beth’s family & a few more of the other bridesmaids as well as seeing other family & friends to get the celebration on!

And the wedding partying begins!

We stayed for just a little over an hour although we learned the next day that the party was still going around 11p. We traded the Civic for my parents usual SUV {that Beth had used to pick up her dress} & we’re back home in time for a late dinner with the other family members who’d arrived. After catching up at dinner, Papa got a phone call letting him know that my great-aunt Virg {my Ma’s sister} who’d had a serious stroke last Saturday had passed away. We were expecting it but it was still sad. Mom & Papa called family while Becky & Nana helped me make Beth’s ribbon bouquet. So bittersweet.

I was going to post about Friday here too but I split it up so it’s not the-longest-post-ever.

Toes in the Water

Toes in the water...

OIB Saturday

“Toes in the water, ass in the sand, not a worry in the world cold beer in my hand. Life is good today. Life is good today.”

Zack Brown’s lyrics describe my day perfectly. Happy Labor Day weekend yall. Hope yours is full of soul filling rest & fun.


I’m all packed up & ready to go! Polka dot suitcase, book club book to read on the plane, Gussy laptop bag, & Jo Totes Rose as DSLR bag & purse.

If you’re going to BlogHer & see me tomorrow night in San Diego, I’ll be wearing/rolling/carrying this! I didn’t plan to go with a black/white travel theme but I guess so. I’m going to make up for it with my pink & melon the rest of the week I promise!

I’m not sure how much blogging I’ll be able to do this week, but I’m sure to be tweeting away via @suzstreats. You can also try to keep up with the #blogher11 hashtag on twitter {it’s already out of control}. I’ll try to do a few FB & G+ updates too. Have a great week!

Living the Beachy Life

for the weekend at least. This time with some of my favorite ladies. Poe, BA, Kathleen & I caravan’d down Friday night to be greeted by my grandparents & Sara the mrs. We’d bought down just a few things to eat & drink…

Food, Drinks, Friends. Can't beat that for a Friday night.

I read this on ever-eloquent BA’s McFatty post today & thought yes, exactly.

I looked at my girlfriends & we’re all different shapes & sizes.  We’re tall & short & pudgy & thin & we all hate the spare tires around hips.  We’re mothers, we’re expecting, we’re trying, we’re infertile, we’re not quite ready.  We’re tired hard workers, still hoping to cut loose over a road trip & silly jokes.

{pretty sure I’m one of the tall & also the pudgy & we’re trying friend. I’m owning that.}

But you know what I also loved, the support we give & gave each other. The infertile & not-quite-ready that BA mentioned, they were cheering me on from the bathroom as I was doing the progesterone late Friday night. Y’all inserting that is tough when you’re laughing & feeling the love like I was.

Saturday morning, I woke up to the giggle of my Nana & my friends down stairs. We walked a couple miles then beached it up for hours. {Nana snapped these of them loading the cart while I loaded the cooler. Be impressed, we took in all down in one trip.}

Babes heading to the beach

The beach day included books, girly beers, a lunch trip back to the house for pimento cheese sandwiches, fighting with wind-filled umbrellas & a floppy hat for me.

OIB Love

Nothing like sand between your toes

{BA took the far left pic}

We continued reading on the front porch after a snack of more pimento cheese, Kathleen’s hummus & my Costco-bought spinach & artichoke dip.

Dinner was at the Inlet View. The ladies & view were looking good. My blackened fish was great, Sara’s crab legs enjoyed, & Poe & K let me try their mango shrimp {it was yummy!}. We ended up with a free round of drinks due to us being moved around & the rowdy group sitting near us.

Love these Ladies

My new BFF, Skinny Firefly made another appearance after dinner with we were playing Scribblish which is very fun. The relaxation of the beach got to us all & it ended up being an early night.

The beach church service was wonderful again this weekend. A soloist was in town & blessed us with his voice. Poe was making a fabulous breakfast of eggs & sausage & black beans with tortillas when I walked back in the house. Sadly, she & BA headed back home soon after. Sara, K & I walked {to the pier & back this time} then basked in another couple hours of beach sun before making our own ways back home.

My weekend summary~ the beach rocks, my grandparents are so sweet & brave for having us, & y’all, my friends are awesome.

Easter Weekend {part 2}

The second half of our Easter long weekend was spent at my in-law’s new-to-them place in Garden City, SC {which is south of Myrtle}. Jason & I arrived there around 11a, unpacked, & checked out the place.

We got in the car for a quick drive over to Murrell’s Inlet. The ILs have become regulars at the Dead Dog Saloon. We sat outside on the water & their regular waiter, Jason, took great care of us. Cold beer {Magic Hat then Bed Select 55 for me} with a blackened fish sandwich. Look at this view~ how awesome right?! Life doesn’t get much better! We thought the place was awesome & the food great. I couldn’t resist getting one of their pink koozies.

After our leisurely lunch, we walked along the boardwalk. The restaurant next door looked cool too. Might want to try it next time. The island I zoomed in on below is called Goat Island. There’s wild goats & peacocks who live there. Random right? I just wondered how they got there! But they seemed happy, so that’s cool.

We drove around Garden City before heading back to their community. The four of us jumped on their new golf cart & took a tour around their new neighborhood. I woke up from a little nap, hearing Beth & Jason talking about the birds outside.

Bill grabbed a loaf of bread & to the back yard we went. We perched on the picnic table & admired the momma goose on her nest {Dad was near by in the pond making sure other birds didn’t get too close}.

A family of ducks {with 6 babies} swam near by & walked along looking for food.

Turtles crawled out of the pond/canal to pick up the bread that hadn’t made its way to the birds {Jason & Bill weren’t always the best throwers}.

Later that afternoon, the ILs & I took another golf cart ride. This time we discovered a swan family. The parents were huge. I didn’t have my DSLR but after cropping & zooming you can kinda see just how cool & beautiful they were.

Oh & Mr & Mrs Goose were taking a swim. Turtles {or something} was bothering them in the water so back to the nest Mrs G went & Mr kept watch.

We ended the night with dinner at Texas Roadhouse, followed by NBA playoffs & reading. The night morning, Jason & his mom ran a few errands & fixed her computer while I slept in. We went to their around-the-corner pancake house {yep, they’re regulars there too!} for eggs & pancakes. Sufficiently stuffed, Jason & I packed up, mapped out our trip & headed home {we got lost a little on back roads but still made it home in less than 4 hours}. We’re both looking forward to our next beach trip soon!