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We’ve been trying to do more individually with each kiddo. Which is hard for us because they like doing things all together & if we say one is going then the other left behind gets upset. (Also how I know we need to do this more often.)

So the week Zootopia premiered, Lucy had had a stomach bug & missed daycare Tues, Wed & Thurs. I made a big deal out of taking Zach & Mommy rides to school & we also did a Zach & Mommy Chickfila dinner date that week. It was sweet & fun but after we ate & he played for a few, he said, let’s go home to see my sister.

But that Thursday night, Lucy was feeling on the mend finally so it was time for her to get out of the house. Zootopia was just her second time going to see a movie in the theater (Kung Fu Panda 3 was the first) & she was very excited.


We loved it! Judy Hopps was an awesome female leading lady & I loved the message that seeing a strong female main character who believes in herself gave to Lucy.


Lucy loved Nick Wilde & will still months later say I loved the Nick the fox when she sees Zootopia merchandise at stores.


I had seen a preview of the sloth part & laughed out loud while watching it. Lucy has thought it even more funny since she’s since watched Wild Kratts sloth episode & recognized “sloth creature powers” from watching that animal both.

There were a few parts of Zootopia that I think made us both jump but Lucy at 3.5 wasn’t scared. Actually she said the wolves part was one of her favorites & that was a darker part of the movie. (Go Wolfpack! We’ve trained her well LOL)


I’d recommend Zootopia as a fun, family movie that your kids will enjoy & you will too! I can’t wait for Zach to see it once it’s out on DVD.

Have y’all seen it yet? Who was your favorite? Do you take one child out for solo events? I’d love ideas for us to do that more.
I was invited to see Zootopia in 3D as a media guest. That didn’t influence my thoughts on the film though.

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