We had a wonderful holiday weekend. As usual, I forgot my camera. We took a few photos from our phones. I added the ones I had from my phone of the parade~ they aren’t great, but the parade was cute. Here’s a few we took from my Dad’s new phone over looking the beach Saturday evening. The wind was up & my hair was untameable!Jason & I ran a few errands on our way out of town Friday night. So for the first time ever (I think) my parents beat us down to the beach. Within 5 minutes of us arriving & unloading our stuff, my grandparents puppy 1 year old dog disappeared. My Nana found him in “our” bedroom with one of my favorite sandals (even moe kitty loves them) in his mouth… my platinum Jack Rodgers! At first I couldn’t figure out what he’d done; then it hit me the round medallion at the top of the left sandal GONE! Of course they felt horrible, but the shoes were definitely “well loved”; the soles & heels gone through, the platinum color wearing off & the leather sole coming off. I found they’d just started selling them at my favorite Lilly beach boutique Victoria’s Ragpatch, but I didn’t love the $96 price. Instead I used sales codes & signed up for membership at shoebuy.com and bought them w/ free shipping & $20+ off on Saturday. They shipped today! I’ll post a before & after photo later this week when they arrive.

We spent the rest of Saturday (after quick grocery store & farmer’s market run & checking out the Ragpatch) at the beach. I managed to not get too sunburned! I finished The Shack ~ liked it but not great beach read. I got about halfway through Jane Green’s latest, Promises to Keep while on the beach Sunday & Monday.

We started off the 4th with beach church service. Mom & I went through our wedding guest list to start working on their half of my brother’s guest list to be (have we mentioned how excited we are that they’re engaged?!). Jason & I were able to meet his parents (who are spending all week in Myrtle) for an early lunch at Calabash’s Boundry House. It was great to spend time with them for a few hours & my shrimp quasdilla was awesome. We got back on the island in time to see the OIB July 4th parade; it’s laid back affair~ if you have a golf cart, wagon, old car or bicycle then you’re set! But people went all out this year & it was fun & festive. Then it was beach time. We made jennandtonica’s sun dried tomato appetizers & blackened fresh grouper for dinner. We missed a lot of the fireworks because we had redboxed Valentine’s Day.

My parents left midafternoon Monday, but Jason & I have learned that the later we leave the better the traffic will be as we head back into town. I spent a leisurely afternoon alone on the beach with my book & a mango Sunset Slush. My grandparents joined us at Giggling Mackeral for an early dinner before our ride back. Such a wonderful weekend! And how nice is it that it’s already Tuesday in our short work week?!