This book nerd jumped on the chance of a new book when I heard the ding of a BlogHer Book Club email from my phone. This time, I received & read Lunch Wars by Amy Kalafa. Amy is one of the ladies behind the documentary Two Angry Moms {I hope to watch it soon} & all the viewers questions actually led to this book.

As a loyal fan of Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution, I was hoping Lunch Wars would be similar ~ some behind the scenes food background & facts as well as some putting-all-this-talk-into-action plans. And honestly, that’s a great way to describe the book.

As a non-mom, & thus a non-mom of school age child{ren}, Lunch Wars doesn’t yet quite apply to me. I don’t plan to storm into a local school to check out the cafeteria & ask/hope/demand change tomorrow. But what I liked & appreciated about Lunch Wars was that it was a great way for me {or anyone} to prepare. Lunch Wars gave me the all the background information {plus more} I’d need in order to {when the time comes} confidently be able to know who & what to look for as well as to be able ask the right questions.

Lunch Wars already has me rethinking our current food purchases. I actually leaped off the couch to verify that the milkĀ  in our frig at the time was rBGH-free. I was so glad to know what that is & that our local stores already sell milk that way!

If this book sounds interesting, if you want to learn more, or even join in on our discussion, check out the Lunch Wars BlogHer Book Club page. You can also learn more about the author who I just realized was speaking about Lunch Wars locally last night.

This was a paid review for BlogHer Book Club, but the opinions expressed are all my own.