While at the party Saturday night, my friend Kelly talked me into coming with her to early church then a Pottery Barn design class.  This class was about arranging accessories.  Lisa from Pottery Barn highlighted 5 design ideas for the room.  I was inspired when I got home to rearrange & updo what we already had in our den.

I also bought the glass vase which was originally $39, on sale for $14.99 then I was able to purchase it for $13.50.  I plan to go to Michael’s and get some white flowers to add.  What kind do you recommend? Hydrangeas, tulips?  Lisa also said something that blew my mind a little~ that you could put decor in front of the mirror over your mantel!  I also decorate the ends but never the middle.  She also said to pretend your mantel is a triangle and go from tall to short from middle out.  Based on that, I rearranged what has been on the post-Christmas mantel.  I think I might still change a few things around, but I’m liking the changes already.  What would do you think? Get rid of some of the candle pillars? Add more?  Do less?

Lisa also discussed redoing and adding pillows to create a relaxing but nice way to incorporate textures & colors to the room.  I received the funky owl pillow as a hand-me-down recently & I love it.  We had a falling apart bright red pillow on the couch.  I bought a textured greenish cover with the 10% off class coupon.  I’m loving how they work with the couch.  The snowman pillow is from Perfect Chance Memories & is a preview of what *might* be featured in my upcoming giveaway. {Only 6 more followers until that happens!}