Car trips. They used to be three hours of husband & wife chatting in the front seat. Catching up after busy weeks. Or time spent napping or reading or playing online.

Now I tend to sit in the way back of the minivan while Jason drives. There’s little chatting between us as it’s hard to hear in the back with the AC on.

If the stars align & both Lucy & Zach sleep, I’m sometimes able to pull out my book or catch up on blogging.

But for all those times at least one if not both are up, here’s the few tricks up my sleeve.

Keep favorite toys close at hand. Bright lights & colors & music might seem annoying to parents at first, but its way better than hours of crying.

Books, books & more books. I read in silly voices & alternate which baby gets to help me hold. We bring board books & soft crinkly ones.

Extra bottles. If I think we’ll need them, I premix & keep them in a Packit cooler. We didn’t need them Monday, thanks to timing nursing & naps. But Friday night, hungry babies meant a McDonald’s stop for hot water to warm the bottles.


Snacks! We have a boon snack ball {which is cute but spills out easily} & the Munchkin snack catchers. Before we take a trip, I fill up the snack containers with a mix of their favorites: Cheerios, yogurt melts, puffs & chews. It cracks me up to watch Lucy dig through & skip over the Cheerios for the melts.


Monday, I introduced Zach {once he woke from a beautiful nap} & Lucy {my hungry nap fighter} to Sprout’s new toddler snacks. They loved the yogurt bites. The chews were a new texture they quickly warmed up to. I tried them both & thought they were delicious! I felt good giving them snacks I knew were organic as well as mostly fruit/veggies versus being just basic grains.

If all else fails, whip out your smart phone or tablet & pull up baby Einstein &/or the Chica show on YouTube. We might’ve watched 45 mins of Baby Einstein lullaby Friday night!

What are your best car trip tricks & tips?!

I was sent sample sizes of the new Sprout snacks for purpose of this review. I wasn’t otherwise compensated. My thoughts & opinions are genuinely my own.