I excitedly redid our guest bed on my day off Monday.  I went into the room Sunday & realized that the current theme of blues & reds wasn’t going to work with the new green spread .

Before makeover

So on top of removing the old spread, pillows, & dust ruffle, I switched out the old square pillow {put it inside the new one}, the curtain, & removed everything off the two selving units & redid them too.  This room before was my college & first year post-college room just moved into a new house.  To be honest, I’d done nothing different since we moved in 2006.  It was time.  I kept all the owls, just reshuffled & spread them around a little.  The bright red ladybugs that were not cute or broken were removed & the others mixed in with the owls around the room.  There’s now a small stack for GoodWill & the linens to be washed & put away. 

I’d ordered the queen coverlet {so we could tuck it in to avoid Moe’s pica} and the dust ruffle {they’d sold out of the white in double}.  Because of that I had to do a bit of tucking & folding to make it fit.  I wasn’t exactly sure what a coverlet was {it’s a light quilt for those also not in the know}.  Since it’s not as thick as the normal spread on that bed, I added a chocolate brown heavy quilt underneath.  We had a chocolate brown black-out curtain in the office so I switched that into this room.  My pottery barn kids owl sheets (which are mostly greens, pinks & browns) now match perfectly in the room. Oh & I’m so happy that I stacked my Outlander collection {I’ve been getting them from paperbackswap then got the most recent at Costco} topped with a book loving owl.  Moe approves of the new bed too!

The print now does not match.  I looked for a new one at Home Goods today but didn’t find any that I thought would work.  I figured something a little beachy still & not with a huge amount of color since this is already a busy room.  I found 3 different white shell framed prints I liked, but they didn’t go together.  I’d love to find three that worked or one.  Anyone seen something like that recently?  I think we’re all ready for guests…What do you think?