to week 10 of Project 365. And for a week that started with travels & work trips, it’s ended fairly calmly. Since switching to Jason’s phone, I now have a camera phone with a flash. So while not the best quality, I remember to take photos out & about with the phone.

Saturday Day 64 Husband & I made a very quick trip to Northern VA & back to pick up this Evo. Jason’s new {to us} car. Taking it from a souped up rally car to be more street ready is his new {expensive} hobby.

Sunday Day 65 I slept in the headed off to Greensboro with my best buds from work. We met up with some agent’s at the restaurant next to the hotel where the conference was being held for lunch & a few beverages. If the orange cup & wooden plate doesn’t give it away, maybe knowing that it has my favorite grilled cheese & is famous for it’s “owls”.

Monday Day 66 I was at the conference all day, then a dinner meeting & one more night out with agents & friends. No photos were taken.

Tuesday Day 67: After 4.5 hours of sleep the night before, Tuesday I just tried to stay away once I got back to work then collapsed on the couch once I got home. Didn’t pull out the camera.

Wednesday Day 68: Moe helped me go through a week’s worth of mail that had piled up. The spring Lilly catalog was a favorite for us both!

Thursday Day 69:  Wednesday I’d stopped by Outback & picked up a gift card & to-go dinner for myself. I saved half of the Shrimp En Fuego pasta for Thursday’s dinner. But while looking those PW’s cookbook, I decided I HAD to have her hot artichoke dip too. So I made a 1/2 batch. So delicious then, great with lunch Friday & to snack on this weekend.

Friday Day 70: After seeing Suzanne’s happiness post this morning, I added one more place to my errands list for this evening. Costco, Trader Joe’s then Target for a little $17 shoe shopping! They look cute on Suzanne with jeans. I imagine I’ll wear them with skirts & capris this summer. For our “busy” Friday night, I rocked them with my owl pjs. 🙂

What’s your favorite photo of the week?!