Day 204: Saturday dress shopping before the shower. Ignore my funny faces. Y’all like the dress on the right better than the other ones, yes? Davids Bridal Bridesmaid Dresses

Day 205: We drove home Sunday {I read Catching Fire the whole way} then grabbed dinner together at our favorite Mexican restaurant. No photo taken.

Day 206: I was wearing a cute outfit Monday & planned to take photo of it when I got home. Instead it POURED as I ran down the hill of our parking lot in three inch wedges & looked like I’d been in a wet t-shirt contest when I got home. No photo.

Day 207: Tuesday night neither of us felt like cooking so off we went to Jason’s Deli. Can’t beat the free froyo!

Day 208: Wednesday morning was O day which meant I was in a lot of pain. Moe & I staying in bed until 10:30a & even then he wasn’t ready to get up. Moe kitty

Day 209: Thursday night I went last minute with free tickets to the Amy Grant/Michael W Smith concert with two friends from Bible Study. I knew I wouldn’t know the majority of the songs but knew the three of us would have fun catching up. I ended up knowing & enjoying it even more than I was expecting. Not my typical style of music, but it was so very inspiring & uplifting being in beautiful place surrounded by so many Christians.

Day 210: After seeing friends tweet all day about receiving their BlogHer badges, I quickly picked up dry cleaning & a new library book after work then ran to our mailbox! I was in luck ~ look what arrived! BlogHer Badge

Which ones your favorite?