I finished these two books over a month ago. This post has been pending in “edit posts” since 3/9. So I guess that might clue you in to my thoughts on these. While I enjoyed both, I haven’t felt pulled to rush online to tell y’all!

Shanghai Girls by was our March book club book. It was a little slow for me to get into but once I set down to read it my I’ll-only-read-for-10-minutes-before-bed plea to Jason easily turned into 45 minutes flying by as I got all into their story growing up as Beautiful Girls in China. Once they venture to America {not giving away spoilers, its on the cover}, it slowed down for me as I kept waiting for great things to happen, especially to the main character Pearl. It was still interesting as I don’t know that much about the NW during that time for Chinese Americans. And just as I thought it was getting to a great, exciting, page-turning part, the book ended. Is there a part two on the way? No clue, but Shanghai Girls definitely left me wanting more.

As for Friday Night Knitting Club by Kate Jones…this book has been in my TBR pile for a while. I’d received it from paperbackswap at some point last year. After seeing some of my favorite bloggers knitting this year, I picked up this book. It was a quick read in a chic lit don’t have to really think a lot kind of way. That is a compliment from me. I read occasionally to make me think or see something differently. But usually I prefer reading as a fun, light escape from the daily routine. This book did just that.
While it did inspire me to take up knitting {well at least to look at the section in Michael’s before getting overwhelmed}, what the book really left me with was the thankful happiness that I have awesome, caring women in my life much like the ladies of the Friday Night Knitting Club. My college sorority sisters, my local Chi O alum ladies, my own book club women & more recently the great friendships that have taken off through blogging & twitter.

I’m currently dragging my way through Never Let Me Go slowly. I’ll do a review of it once I {hopefully} finish and after the book club’s discussion next week.

What I’m excited to read next: Matt Logelin & Ree Drummond’s new books are on their way to me from Amazon!