After participating in a #clothdiaper twitter party a while back, I got on a cloth diaper products kicks. I went to a few different websites but had heard and seen a lot about SoftBums online. I saw a tweet about emailing them to do a possible review or event promotion for their new diaper.

So after a glass {or two!} of wine, I emailed! Awesomely they wrote back. I gave them a little more information about me & this blog. They decided that while only a small number of blogs were able to be the review bloggers {which wouldn’t been hard for me since no baby yet!}, they did chose this blog to be one of their reporting bloggers.

So what does this mean to you? Well if you’re interested in cloth diapers, especially Soft Bums & their new mystery product & if you love to win awesome products {including a ipad!}, then go check out their blog at I Love Cloth Diapers. You can also go to the SoftBums site or their youtube site. They will be making the big announcement on all three places! Go there to enter the giveaways! You can also get links to all the reviewing & other reporting blogs at same time. Good luck!