Last night on twitter, MrsLLG, Lins610 & Poeia were discussing the amazingness that is the Shark Steam Mop. It all started when Lauren bought one this weekend at Costco. Then Lins chimed in that she’d used hers from everything from the kitchen & bathroom floors to the walls! Sarah asked if it could clean the shower walls with it! I was smitten.

I’d missed the opportunity to get the basic one {photo above} at Walmart for $25 midnight Thanksgiving last year. I’ve been kicking myself ever since. Especially after reading their tweets last night. This evening I went to Costco all set to purchase & make this dream machine my own.

I was shocked to find that the professional model even at Costco was $99 {after researching to find photos-from shark website- I realize this is a good deal}. I was guessing more like $50-$75.

Tonight I passed. I bought wine, rotisserie chicken, bananas & dried mangos instead. I’m going to sit on the idea. See how long I can deal with not-steamed-floors while waiting for the price to drop. Or even better to find a Kohls or Walmart coupon for it. I think I’d be good with the basic.

Does anyone have one already? Is it all that plus more? What’s the craziest thing you’ve cleaned with it? Where have you found either for cheap?!