I was in Charlotte this past weekend visiting my grandparents. My grandfather had to have another surgery, but he’s recovering very well. He was able to go back to the rehabilitation center while I was there. Then he walked &/or I rolled my grandmother around so we could all hang out.

Beth hasn’t been in town or has been super busy the last couple times I was there. Luckily for me, she was around this weekend! I was originally just planning to hang out/have dinner then head back to my grandparents’ condo, but after the fabulous NCSU win versus UNC, I was in a celebrating mood & crashed on her couch.

A group from her building as well as our sorority sister Kim & her husband joined us at Molly’s uptown then we headed to Stike City {yes, it’s a bar & a upscale bowling alley}. I was pretty tired by 1130p {I’m getting old & not used to going out lifestyle!}. We left Strike City and after a stop for Kim & Jeff & Beth & Kevin at Five Guys {I did enjoy a few fries!}, we all crashed at Beth & Kevins’s condos. 715a arrived really early, but I had so much fun! Thanks B! Hope to see you soon.

So much fun catching up & drinking a little with these two ladies! As for what I wore… I found the Lilly top 70% off at Belk Friday night. I waivered at first & had them hold it, but I’d been loving that print all fall, especially in that top. Since I missed the Fall Warehouse Sale, I was needing some new Lilly in my life, so I went back & bought it. 🙂
After finding the cute navy sweater at the Loft for $25, I knew I’d found the perfect outfit. Jeans… my new standard, GAP long & lean. Shoes… Target leopard print {cuter than they are comfortable}.
Topped it off with a $10 gold necklace also on sale at Belk!