Richmond SPCA Dog Walk

This past Saturday, my mom, future-sister-in-law Beth, her step-mom Janie & I participated in the Richmond SPCA‘s 5k & Dog Walk. Beth had signed up a while ago & after giving a donation Mom & I decided we wanted to do even more. This weekend worked out well to go up to VA and have a meet-the-future-family get together!

Janie, Mom, Beth & I posed before the 5k. Admittedly, we walked & chatted & definitely brought up the back of the pack. But we had a great time getting to know Janie & catching up with each other.

We had about 45 mintues in between the 5k and the 1 mile dog walk. We decided to check out the SPCA & the dogs & cats. I’ve never been inside another SPCA, but I’d image this is one of the nicer ones. The cats photo’d belong were in two different cat condos. They big rooms filled floor to ceiling with cat favorite things: ramps, drawers pulled out as beds, cubby holes, beds, & Saturday, lots of visitors to impress. That little black & white cat stole my heart.

My brother, Steven, & his future-father-in-law Rob joined us with my “niece” Quin for the walk. She was one of the smaller of the dogs out there among Great Dane, a Irish Wolfhound {probably one of the coolest dogs I’ve ever seen}, English Mastiff, lots of labs, goldens, & muts. There were a few tiny dogs, including the one the lady was holding below who was wearing glasses! I was happily surprised how quiet & well behaved they all were. Quin was so happy & excited & she definitely was leading our family pack. Beth & Steven said she was spent though & slept the rest of the day!

The Richmond SPCA has continued it’s donation efforts for the next couple of days. If you like what you saw here & want to help out this awesome no-kill SPCA, please feel free to visit my page “Quin’s Family” to make a donation.

30 Day Shred & Work Out Tunes

After hearing about Jillian’s 30 Day Shred its seemed like everywhere, I decided to buy it from Walmart last weekend, especially since its only $9 there. Well I tried to get it Monday night, sold out. I went back to Wally World Wed after work, still sold out but somehow I spent $70 on other things (but that’s another subject…). Finally went tonight and it was in stock!!! I’m not sure that I’ll do it the 30 days in a row but I’m looking forward to adding it to my work out routine & mix it up with my regular gym work outs.
Speaking of gym work out, I need new work out music! The same things keep coming up on shuffle and its not working for me. So blog readers (is there anyone out there?!), what are your favorites? I need pretty fast paced music, but not hard rock or too hard core rap. I think the occasionally Mo Money Mo Problems (which actually came up on shuffle at the gym this week) but not much more than what’s played on G105. I usually listen to country (I love running to Sugarland) and anything my Fergie helps motivate me also. Thanks in advance!