So I’ve always wanted & usually mean to jump on The Outdoor Wife‘s Thankful on a Thursday bandwagon. I love reading others posts on Thursdays. They are so inspiring & humbling. I feel like it’s something I need to remember~ that I do have things really well & I need to be more thankful. So on that note, here’s my first ever Thankful on a Thursday.

*I’m thankful for the beginning of fall & all that entails: cooler temperatures, enjoying candy pumpkins, fall decorating, 3/4 length sleeve sweaters, & most exciting to me, College Football begins! I love that our weekends get packed with either attending NCSU home games or spending the Saturday at home watching all the games. I’m even going to throw out a Go Cocks tonight since they are the first game! (That’s for you Mrs Sara!)

*I’m thankful for the mail because it delivered my new Gussy headband & clutch today! I’m wearing the headband to work tomorrow & will be proudly carrying the clutch with that awesome red ruffle to the game Saturday.

*I’m thankful for friends. My awesome online buddies, even ones I’ve never met but look forward to reading their blog posts & tweets daily. A group of college friends that are now lifetime friends. I’ll be tailgating with them Sat {can you tell I’m excited about it!} and we’ve planned a girls happy hour for next Thurs to celebrate engagements! I’m so thankful for my work friends~ the ladies I look forward to seeing every morning. The same ones that make crazy days not so bad at all. *And* I found out today that one of my favorites from when I worked in claims got a position in my current department! I’m so looking forward to seeing a lot more of her soon!

*I’m also thankful for my family. My first thought of family being Jason & Moekitty. Jason’s been awesome through the ups & downs of us TTC. It’s been stressful for us both recently but that’s its own blog post {saved in draft for now}. My extended family has been in my thoughts a lot recently as my 4 grandparents are aging & facing health issues. That’s its own blog post also. But for now, I’d love it if you keep my mom’s parents in your prayers. I know I’ll be there a lot more soon & I’m sure I’ll be posting about it later.

I think I’ll leave off with that for now. What are you thankful for this Thursday?!