My book club’s June book was Unbroken by Laura Hillenbrand. I finished it Memorial Day weekend at the beach after staying up a couple late nights the week before because I just could not put it down. We’d read a few other novels set in WWII this year. This one is the only work of non-fiction & by far my favorite.

Laura definitely did her research. So much so, that a few of the group didn’t realize it wasn’t fiction until a little way into the book. I say that meaning that it read like a story, not like a boring History textbook. I had not really heard of Louie Zamperini before reading this book. My dad {who’s a bit of a history/war buff} had seen a couple History channel documentaries, but I was reading & learning about his life for the first time.

Louie’s life was can’t-put-down interesting to me from the start. I enjoyed his running stories, how he got into the war, & hearing about life in the Air Force. It was from the plane crash on though that had me hooked. I won’t give much away past that other than say read it. It’s worth the long wait at the library or getting it in hard back if you like to own your book. I’ve already told both my parents to read it soon & my WWII vet grandfather had already been given a copy.

Up next, reviews of the two more fluffy summer reads, If You Were Here & Summer Rental.