Thirty three weeks into Project 365 & still photographing away. My new HTC Sensation has an awesome 8mb camera, so a bunch of these photos were taken with it {thanks again HTC}.

Day 232: After the baby shower, I headed to Sarah’s to celebrate her L’s second birthday. Of course, I didn’t get a photo of L but I did take a ton of Jenny‘s three 9 month olds!

Day 233: Sunday my grandfather showed me the damage done to his vehicle after a small bump up in the parking lot by his condo. The damage to his Buick doesn’t look so “small” huh? {luckily no one was hurt, annoyingly they were unable to determine fault at the scene}. Buick Crash

Day 234: Monday I wore the new Loft Outlet dress & matching tank purchased on a quick stop during my drive back Sunday. It’s definitely a new favorite.

Day 235: I chatted with Carole from after work Tuesday to get me ready to go. {Have you see the Victoria’s Secret WILD deal today ~ 6% cash back & 20% jeans?} Afterwards, I walked into the den to see Moekitty chillin’ on his most-loved toy. Too cute, right? MoeKitty & Wubba

Day 236: Wednesday was a super busy day of work. Came home & chilled & no photo taken.

Day 237: I took this photo with my cell on the way to pick up take out. What’s the sailor’s saying, pink sky at night, sailor’s delight? I think it was the calm before Irene’s arrival. Thursday Sky

Day 238: I might’ve posted something kind of sad for Infertile Friday, but I was super happy when I opened the box of 3M goodies Friday night! That Filtrete pitcher was cleaned, filled & in our frig within five minutes.

I’m now a‘s VIB, but I’d love them & you even if I wasn’t making pennies when you visited my links.
3M provided the swag box as a result of me meeting them at BlogHer. My honest, unbiased opinions of the products are mine, all mine.