Yes, I’m still on 2010! I’m done looking back after this post though, I promise.  After seeing a few “year in review” posts on my some of my favorite blogs, I thought I’d try to do a short one of my own.

January posts began with the web announcement of 2010 as the year we began TTC.  I also posted a huge list of my TBR pile & a yummy banana bread muffin recipe.

February was a slower posting month.  We had a low key Valentine’s Day.  I won 2 blogging awards & was really excited about it.  I ordered a Lilly scarf & this post shows up 1st if you google “Lilly Murfee Scarf” :-P.  I also left for my friend Kelly’s bachelorette trip.


I posted about our girls weekend in FL, my work conference & our trip to visit my parents for my dad’s 55th birthday.


April was busy!  We took our first OIB trip, Moe started using World’s Best Cat Litter, I introduced my family to Jenny’s now famous sundried tomato bagels, I planted flowers {which lasted all summer!}, & we discovered a new favorite beer.  My first twitter hop was April’s Twitter Home Tour {Jason swore this post would lead to someone breaking in-if anyone wants my 6 year old Dell laptop come on!}.

Kelly & Brett’s wedding on the 24th wedding meant bridesmaid’s lunch, rehearsal dinner & wedding posts!


May was fun!  I wished my mom & grandmothers happy mother’s day. In case you missed it, I met the Pioneer Woman & saw/met a bunch of other fun girls at the book signing.  
I did my first couple TTC charting posts.  I decided to go to the Lilly Warehouse Sale. I had a super long but super fun lunch with Jenny, Katherine & BA.

We tried some PW recipes & I made Pineapple Crockpot Chicken for the first time.  B & I went to the Lilly Warehouse sale & loved every second!
I joined in on two blog hops: I showed off my china & our wedding.  I made Kim’s creamy enchiladas for the 1st of many times.  I received another award & won my first blog giveaway.  I went to my first ever Pamper Chef party & loved the food & product I bought.  I also found yummy strawberry banan muffin recipe & we bought a dishwasher {you know you’re old when that’s exciting}!
…last half to be posted later tonight or tomorrow…