Week 37 y’all & I’m still going strong with project 365.

Day 267: I had the pleasure Saturday to visit with K & get in some N snuggles while in Northern VA for a bridal shower for future sister-in-law Beth.

Nolan says Go Pack!

Day 268: Sunday was the first time I’d seen Moekitty since the previous Monday morning. We got in some cuddles while waiting for husband to come home from work.

Moe's version of sitting on your lap errr I mean foot.

Day 269: Monday was a pretty chill night after a busy first day back at work.

Sleeply cat. Photo obsessed cat mom.

Day 270: My Tuesday to-do list all checked off. {a post to come of the new chicken recipe I made that night}

Suz Multitasking: blogging, reading, cat petting

Day 271: Not sure what happened Wednesday, but I didn’t take any photos.

Day 272: Thursday, husband & I celebrated our four year wedding anniversary with a candle-lit dinner at Vivace then opened sweet cards at home. Wearing a little different pjs than I was four years ago {what, you don’t wear Christmas pj pants in Sept?!}

Happy four years, love!

Day 273: I woke to this view Friday morning. It’s very normal but had been very missed the during my weeks in Edenton.

Good morning Moekitty.

Hope you had a great week.