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When my book club was choosing books for the next couple months in the winter, someone threw out Honolulu as an idea for January. Then we all said while the book sounded good, we’d be too jealous of the sunny weather & beaches to read it while it was cold here. That was a good call.

I’ve never been to Hawaii. I know little about Hawaii’s history beyond the basics. I loved that Alan Brennert’s Honolulu spread some light on Hawaii’s history while telling the story of a girl turned woman named Regret.

There were parts that broke your heart. Parts when you were almost cheering out loud for the main character. Parts where I wanted to be right with them {like Sundays on the beach with surfer friends}.

I enjoyed the story of her life, her family, how she made the best of situations, & the female friendship relationships. How her experience sewing with her mother, something she enjoyed while being stuck in the inner rooms of her family home, turned into so much more & brought opportunities into her life she couldn’t have even dreamed of while growing up in Korea. My book club & I also loved the idea of Korea clothes being one sized ~ you just loosen or tighten them as you get fat/skinny!

Overall, I enjoyed the book. The author did a good job weaving in actual historical happens with the main character’s life. Sometimes this seemed random & there was major foreshadowing but that didn’t bother me. If you enjoy Hawaii or Korean literature, or are looking to read a story that combines both, definitely pick up Honolulu {it had a short waiting list at my library~yay}.

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Good review. I noticed that under what you’re reading now you’ve got Where She Went. I LOVED that book. I was surprised by how much I loved it, but it just really drew me in.

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