Our big venturing out this weekend was to see The Avenger’s Saturday afternoon. I took these photos that evening after a post-movie nap.

{Motherhood top & maternity capris}

How far along? 32w2d

Maternity clothes? Yes, absolutely. I threw on a super long normal top for a Target run Sunday & it looked pathetic. All maternity all the time.

Weight Gain? I’m up 45 pounds as of Thursday’s doctor’s appointment.

Stretch Marks? Yes, they’ve arrived for sure on my right side.

Sleep? Pretty decent with the Snoogle, an extra pillow at my back & another pillow between my knees.

Movement? Yes, we have night owls who definitely make their presence known.

Genders? Baby A, Zach, is a still a boy & C, Lucy, is a girl.

What I Miss? Baby B; the right side of the belly is full of Baby A & the top of the belly is full of Baby C. It’s clear to me that Baby B would’ve been on the bottom left & the belly is soft there instead. As we’re getting really ready for A & C’s so soon arrivals, I know that while we could’ve handled three babies, God had other plans for us, & we continue to focus on being the best parents to L & Z as we possibly can.

Food cravings? Fruit, fries, grilled cheese.

Food aversion? I think those are gone. Although much to Husband’s chagrin, his favorite Chipolte still doesn’t sound good.

Labor signs? I think I’ve started experiencing BH contractions but no real ones or other labor signs.

Belly button in or out? It’s in but just barely. I’m guessing it’ll be a tiny outie before these babes arrive.

What I’m Looking Forward to? A girls’ night dinner tonight. A dentist appointment Thursday morning that I never thought I’d make it to pregnant. Attending my first LLL meeting Thursday night. Another relaxing weekend ahead.

Symptoms? In light of my dear friend Diana’s loss last week, I’ve been feeling emotional about this pregnancy & really trying to take all the crazy, crappy results of experiencing 32 weeks with multiples in stride. Swollen feet, exhaustion, belly discomfort, moodiness & heartburn, I’ll take it & appreciate it for what it means ~ growing big, healthy babies.

Weekly Wisdom? Appreciate what you have. Be prepared because you never know when these babes will make their appearance {hospital bag will be packed this week}.

Milestones? Baby Center has photo & facts for twins this week ~ it says the babies’ fingernails & toenails have grown in & they also have peach fuzz hair.