I wished & hoped that Lucy & Zach could be baptized surrounded by family on a warm sunny day on the beach. I realized we were too dazed & sleep deprived for that to occur last summer. So I began planning for their baptism day back in the winter.

The minister that married Jason & I is from my beach grandparents’ church & he happens to preach weekly on the beach all summer beginning Memorial Day weekend Sunday. Luckily, he agreed with us how special it would be to perform this for us. John coordinated with our home church, his church session & us & we worked it out! To make it even more special, my Nana was able to be the elder who presenting & stood¬†up with us.


The beach church service is a casual affair, but I still wanted the babies to wear special baptism outfits. After being unimpressed with what’s in stores with both the quality & price, Nana, Mom & I had an idea that ended up being out-of-this-world awesome. Nana took the remains of my mom’s wedding dress {we’d cut the bottom lace off to go around my wedding bouquet} & with the help of patterns, Nana made Lucy a beautiful dress & Zach a precious long all. Y’all, it made me tear up thinking of the historical & family significance of those outfits. They’re even more gorgeous in person than in my mind or the photos.

DSC02610 copy


Lucy went first. Then it was Zach’s turn.

DSC02613DSC02613 copyThey did great! No crying. Just looks of looking around & playing with their outfits. They even managed to sit in our laps for the remainer of the service.


DSC02628We were also lucky to have a lot of family gather together for the event. My aunt rode down with us, my parents & brother from VA, my grandfather from Charlotte, &¬†Jason’s parents from GA.


With my parents


with Jason’s parents

DSC02644We took advantage of everyone being together for lots of photos.