This was my pack list put together after googling {& subsequently freaking out} last week. Thank goodness  my parents’ came down Friday night to help us get organized & packed up Saturday morning.

Dressy Outfits {x3 for Suz, x2 per baby}, Casual Outfits {x6 for babies}, Jackets {didn’t bring}
Underwear, Nursing Bras, Socks {4}, Pajamas {2 Per Baby}
Sunglasses, Suz sandals
Purse + Diaper Bag, Jewelry/Watch
Breast Pump & Accessories, Suz snacks
Bottles, Nipples {10}
Bottle Brush, Dish soap, Cleaning Tub
Enfacare, Brestfriend Pillow, Boppy
Burp Cloths {4}, Bibs {4}
Shampoo, Conditioner {sample size baby wash}
Make-Up Bag/Shaving Kit, Hair Products
Tooth Brush, Tooth Paste
Books, Rocking Chair, Lovey/Blankie/Wubbas
Diapering (In Addition to Diaper Bag)
Disposable Changing Pads, Diaper Cream?
Box of Wipes, Diapers {25}
Baby Gear
Baby Carrier (Ergos) {we ended up leaving these at home}
Car Seat (& Car Seat Base)
Pacifiers & Pacifier Hooks
Baby Monitor {didn’t bring}
Travel Crib {didn’t use since hotel had two}, Travel Crib Sheets (2), sleep sheep/giraffe
Swaddle Blankets
Tummy Medicine, Prescription Medicines, Baby Tylenol {didn’t have to use thank God}

Crazy right? But we pretty much used everything. And were very glad for the extra bibs & clothes as Lucy went through three outfits before 1p Sunday.

Papa visited the babies while they were in the NICU was didn’t hold them until Saturday.

Papa & Zachy poo

He was so great with them!

Papa holding Lucy for the first time

The babies made themselves right at home at his condo. We set up blankets & the rocker & boppy on the floor for playtime &  napping.

Nothing like full bellies & comfy spots for napping

They did great at the hotel for Mom & Dad Saturday night. They woke for their dream feed at 4 then slept again until 730/745a. Zach & I rocked side lying feeding for the first time. They had a blast playing on the bed while Mom & I were getting ready.

Good morning babies!

Zach & his brunch attire

Lucy spit up on her brunch dress before we left the condo building.

The babies were the hit of Cypress brunch. Mom & Papa carried them everywhere wanting to show them off. It was really cute.

Lucy & her Pops at brunch

Lucy loved the attention & Zach slept through most of it. 🙂

Papa entertaining Lucy & saying bye before we left

We stopped by to see Jenny & the trips & buy 6-12 month clothes on the way home where Zach was the entertainment & Lucy pooped! They did great sleeping most of the car ride home. One successful trip down, lots more to go!