Our standard OIB dinner is fresh veggies & grouper straight off the boat slathered with blackened seasonings & baked. As we were discussing dinner Sunday afternoon, Dad challenged us to branch out a little. Thanks to Google, I found this pan seared foodnetwork.com recipe which served as our inspiration. It was close to 5p when we left the beach so we decided to for-go making our own salsa & instead grabbed the fresh Lowes Food peach/mango salsa.

Since I found the recipe, suddenly I was in charge of cooking the fish! I slathered each side in blackening seasoning & two at a time, threw them onto Nana’s cast iron skillet which was heated with 2 tbsp of EVOO. After 2 minutes, I’d flip then place finished pieces in a just warm oven while I cooked the other fillets.

We served Nana’s fried okra, butter beans, corn, homemade Lexington-style slaw & the fish buffet style. Here’s my plate. The fish was seriously one of the best ever.

The rest of the weekend was spent grubbing on my banana pudding, reading, watching football & catching as much sun as possible. Hope your labor day was as delicious as mine!