Day 239: After a morning of baking, a started the hurricane girls night with a pedicure with Kathleen, Beth & Sara. Do y’all remember my color name~ I’m still loving it!

Day 240: I love this photo of Sara & Katherine’s son Nolan from when they stopped by breakfast on Sunday.

Day 241: Monday I worked more for the claims department than I did my normal work due to Hurricane Irene’s effect on NE part of NC. No photo taken.

Day 242: Only thing I did Tuesday after work is to play online. Yay for for easy photo editing.

Day 243: Wednesday was another crazy work day followed up take-out dinner. I went to bed early & didn’t take any photos.

Day 244: Our follow up RE appointment lasted until lunch-time & Jason & I needed a chance to talk, so we ran to Edwards Mill Grill for lunch. This was the sandwich special: Grilled Buffalo chicken topped with mozz sticks on sourdough with waffle fries. Delish!

Day 245: The best way to unwind after the end of a long week is chillin’ on the couch. After Jason went to bed {he worked all weekend}, Moe & I stayed up. He tried his best to grab the pen on the table while I read a book.