BlogHer Book Club: The Magic Room

My most recent BlogHer Book Club pick was Jeffrey Zaslow’s The Magic Room. I read the synopsis in my email & on the back of the book, & I thought I’d enjoy reading about Becker’s Bridal & the families & brides shopping there. That’s quite an understatement. I brought The Magic Room to work one day when I knew I’d be eating lunch alone. I cried just reading the introduction {like big crocodile tears} & had to close the book in fear of being “that girl” reading & crying alone.

I finished The Magic Room last night after reading while in the car with my parents Christmas Eve & while taking chill breaks this weekend. I loved it; I think non-fiction is a new favorite of mine. I loved how Jeffrey weaved individual brides’ stories along with the story of the Becker family. I loved how, just as he wanted, the love of daughters really shined through. If I’m ever in Michigan, I’ll have to make a stop in Fowler & see Shelley & maybe Alyssa at Becker’s. Any Michigan readers ever been there?!

I think The Magic Room is my favorite of the BlogHer Book Club books I’ve been sent to read. I’d recommend this to anyone who’s purchased a bridal gown, or to someone about to or dreaming about their wedding. I’d love for Dads to read it to see the bridal world & what makes that dress just so special from another Dad’s point of view.

This was a paid review from BlogHer Book Club but the opinions expressed are all my own. You can join the discussion on BlogHer’s Now Reading The Magic Room.


  1. The last time a book made me cry was Michel Houllebecq’s “Atomised”, but probably not for the same reasons as this book.

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  3. Most definately go visit Becker’s Bridal! I lived a few towns over before my most recent move to Swansboro NC. Im a photographer and made friends with everyone at Becker’s, and consider Shelley a very good friend. I always said she was an angel sent into my life. I can not say it enough, there is something special about that place, the people in it. You will feel it the moment you walk through the doors. Tons of my clients have bought their dresses there, and their faces light up when they talk about their experiences at Becker’s bridal, and they always talk about their consultant, by name, like an old friend.

  4. Lee Ann says:

    I was born raised and lived 45 years in Michigan but was somehow unaware of Becker’s wonderful store in Fowler. I’ve read many of Jeff Zaslow’s books and was extremely sad to hear he was killed in a car accident in Michigan today.

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