I just couldn’t help doing one more BlogHer post. My first post was becoming a book, so I split it up. Since it’s just five days away {eeek!}, this is what I can’t stop thinking about, so I thought I’d share. Maybe someone else is having packing issues?!

Like I said before, I don’t feel nervous about clothes. I’m sticking with what I know & love & probably too much of it. But a girl {especially a sweaty one like myself} needs options. I’m planning for khaki &jean skirts as well as casual dresses {like my pink Loft & RueLaLa Janet Lilly ones} for day sessions & exploring SD Thurs & the flight home. Then I’ll change to fancier/more fun/yet still comfortable dresses for the night time parties. I’m thinking a beaded Lilly one & a Target LBD glammed up with jewelry for sparklecorn.

I’ve read over & over about not wasting your time {or suitcase space} with super tall, uncomfortable shoes. I’d planned on two or three pairs of shoes max: gold “gladiatorish” flats & short wedge heeled Jack Rogers in gold. Since I just couldn’t resist them, I’ll also be Miranda’s shoeicorn twin with my brown Target wedges.

For accessories, I’m sticking with gold jewelry along with 25 Design & Gussy Sews headbands &  my two Allora Handmade necklaces {& my Allora Handmade rose from her giveaway if it arrives in time!}.

Add in makeup, hair drier, pjs, laptop & Gussy laptop bag, my business cards & case, notebook & pens in case laptop becomes too big/annoying for sessions & I’m fully loaded. I’m packing all this in my biggest suitcase & putting a Vera Bradley duffle in a pocket for swag for the way home.

Speaking of coming home, I promise to share stories when I get back about the location, the people, the fun times, the parties & the swag {maybe even try a vlog about it all}.

But I’m also planning on returning inspired by the awesome bloggers I meet & connect with, by the companies I network with, & especially by the speakers who’s tips I will hopefully asbsorb. There might even be a few changes to Suz’s Treats upon my return. Less fluff & deeper posts maybe? Vlogging? Better product reviews? More correct use of sentence structure, tenses & spelling?! I guess we’ll see!

Please leave a comment & your twitter name if you’ll be in San Diego next week. I’m compiling a list of everyone I hope to me & want to make sure you’re on it!