As I mentioned at the bottom of my last post, I was in Charlotte last weekend through Monday visiting my grandparents. I enjoyed the visits with them both and saw a great improvement in Papa’s post-surgery recovery over the three days. He was up walking & off most of the medicine by the time I left Monday afternoon!

I was busy though! I planned my days so I could have meals with Ma (who eats much better when there’s someone there) then be with Papa midmorning, midafternoon & in the evening. We figured out that OT & PT was around 1030 & 2 so it worked out pretty perfect.

I was also able to squeeze in lunch with my good friend B Monday afternoon! I’m so glad she was able to get away from work so that we could catch up for a little bit! We went to Charlotte Cafe which was right in between the nursing home & the hospital and also close to her work. Thanks for joining me B & for the photo! Hope to see you again soon!

As for an update on Papa, he actually being moved right now out of the hospital and into the PT area of the same nursing home that my Ma lives. It’s also within their retirement community so it’ll be great for friends to be able to visit. I can’t wait to go down there again soon to see how well he’s doing then!