Lucy & Zach’s new found enjoyment of solids bought about something else new in our household: baby poo that runs the gamete from pb-like to adult-like poo. {Non-parents, sorry for the TMI. Parents, you’re nodding along right?}

Thankfully, I was fairly prepared for this change thanks to other cloth diapering Mommy friends suggesting a diaper sprayer. Lucy & Zach gave it to me for Christmas {how sweet, right?} & my Dad was able to easily install it in our guest bath.

So now, upon arriving home from daycare, I open our wetbags & see what type of presents Z & L gave for me through the day. If they’ve refused solids, it’s more breastmilk poo & can go straight in the washer. If they’ve loved their {insert fruit/veggie combo}, J & I will RPS to see who uses the BumGenius diaper sprayer.

Our sprayer is very easy to use, but it does take a little technique to avoid spraying poo water all over your bathroom. After getting my bathroom very clean a few times, I have the technique down & really appreciate the diaper sprayer. We keep a wet bag in the bathroom for easy transporting. It’s an extra step but hasn’t stopped us from continuing to use cloth diapers on Lucy & Zach during the day at daycare & over the weekends.

I’ve heard you can make your own diaper sprayer piecing together parts from your local hardware store. But life with two means I don’t have time for that! Especially since it was so easy to shop online & have it arrive with fluff mail!