I came home from BlogHer with a stack of coupons for some products I already used & loved as well as some new ones. One of the products I was most excited to try was De Wafelbakkers frozen pancakes. I’d sampled them at their breakfast on Saturday morning & received a cute reusable bag, T-shirt & coupons then.

We are breakfast people. Every morning & sometimes we even do breakfast for dinner. Typically it’s cold cereal or fruit as I run out the door during the work week. But with DWB pancakes, after a quick 1:15 in the microwave, you’re enjoying delicious blueberry pancakes! Be careful they come out HOT & can get tough if you overcook. But in our microwave, a minute 15 seconds is just right for pancake yumminess.

Here’s straight-out-of-cell photos from Monday morning as I was running late to head to Edenton. But still had time to make pancakes for me & husband. Yay! I like mine spread out with syrup. He’s a stacked with butter guy. What’s your breakfast/pancake style?

DWB provide me with the original pancake coupon as a result of BlogHer. As a result of this post, I’m hoping to get a few more coupons {& $250 if I’m their favorite review post}. What’s in it for you? Your own $1 De Wafelbakkers coupon via FB, & if I’m chosen, one commenter gets $$$ for leaving me breakfast comment love. My opinions were not influenced by their generosity & are my own honest thoughts.